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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Oyibo, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Just to set the scene, I will not grow a pony tail, goatee beard, and bore my (soon to be former) friends with my latest wanky incompatible pile of underspec-ed shite from Apple. ("Ooh but it looks nice, and graphic designers and my friends have one."). But hey, who needs extensibility, batteries, and compatability.

    Bollocks to that. My sideburns are clipped to the level of the centre of my traguses (tragii?), and I don't give a toss about apps that will show me where I can buy the trendiest frapuccini. I want a small bit of kit that does the job.

    The job:

    - Email access
    - Web browsing (any decent email can be browsed on the web as well)
    - Music
    - Vids
    - Streaming vids

    I don't have a 'manbag' because of the reasons listed in paras 1 & 2, so it needs to be portable. The Kindle Fire looks good for that, and even with an e-ink kindle I can carry both around without having to look like a complete bellend.

    So I'm, rather keen on buying one. Does anyone have any views on it: wait and see how customer reviews go; waste of time? etc
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I love my regular kindle. the fire sounds like it's ticking all the boxes Apple wont.
  3. if i buy a kindle fire in the usa, will my wife be able to download books from the uk amazon site?

    just that i am going out to the states next week and will have the option to get one.
  4. I got my Kindle DX from the States and changed it to Amazon UK no problem - it's actually quite a good way of doing it because you can access material exclusive to both countries just by changing the settings.

    Rather going off the Fire because it is not e-ink. I believe coloured e-ink readers should be coming out soon though.
  5. Ive heard that the Kindle Fire comes with free unlimited cloud storage to make up for the lack of onboard memory. If you do end up getting one from the states flynavy Id be interested to find out if this is true.
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Kindle - Fire. Two words that should be put together as often as possible along with "accelerant".
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  7. Looks like an awesome device for $199!!!

  8. I don't have a Kindle but my friends with the older B&W Kindles love them. I have looked at the fire but have held off as I have tons of music in my iPod and iBook (about 50GB each) and the Fire will only accept 6GB of your own music but will accept much more to store in the Amazon cloud if you buy the content from Amazon.

    Re the iPad - The Kindle and iPad are manufactured by the same company in China, My 86 year old uncle got a first generation iPad and he loves it. He loves to use it for email and downloads movies to watch in his chair, in bed or wherever. About a year ago my cousins son was visiting with an iPad2 and a MacAir running the Lion OS. Great screen clarity, sound quality etc on both. I would love to have both but right now have decided to buy heating oil and pay taxes instead.

    note re colour eInk. I understand they have the product now but no manufacturers are using it yet. I retired but eInk's HQ is around the corner from my old office. Used to be populated by a bunch of young techie types but eInk was bought out by a Chinese firm and I have seen stuff moving out of the building so it may be moving everything from US to China. Not sure if that will affect the products.
  9. My understanding (from reading sites like "ZD Net") is that Amazon have NO short term plans to release the "Fire" in the UK; so owning one here would be much like owning just ONE "walkie talkie", with nobody else within broadcast range owning one. A 7" generic Android "EPad" can be bought on EBay for around £50, and the "Kindle" software can be downloaded from the Android Market for free. True, the Kindle Fire is new and therefore "Whizzy"... but so what, if it fails to do the main job for which it was designed?
  10. An alternative review can be found at Amazon's Kindle Fire: Snappy consumption, impulse purchase device | ZDNet which draws attention to what I said before; the device relies largely on "cloud" computing (storing data remotely, and accessing it online, as and when required) THIS "CLOUD" WILL NOT BE OPEN TO UK USERS, a point largely missed by US reviews (who won'tbe affected). It's STILL essentialy a 7" Android device, priced at $200... when other Android tablets can be readily found, priced at just £50. I bought myself a 10.2" Android tablet, almost exactly a year ago, in Shanghai; it cost me £120 (And similar devices can be found on EBay at roughly the same price, for direct import from China.) My gizmo came with a "free" mock-leather case... I've just shelled out a further £12 for another case, this one with a slimline keyboard built-in. Similar cases can be had for 7" tablets for about a tenner. I certainly know which model I'd choose - and it wouldn;t be the one that costs $200!
  11. Thanks for the links and info on e-ink DBOC. Interesting.

    BRW - How does Amazon restrict the cloud to US users? I doubt they could do it using IP addresses as they are not a reliable indicator of location.