Kindle fire HD, ok for going on tour??

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by sticky, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. Just looking at a tablet to take on tour, I've sat through all the OPTAG shite on no mobiles etc, I know iPads with 3G are banned but any idea if the new kindles are allowed?

    Anyone used a kindle fire? Any good or should I just stop being tight and get an iPad!

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  2. Kindle fire is good, i have one myself. I would belying if i said it was the most versatile tablet though as it is pretty locked down for an Android job. The NEXUS 7 gets really good reviews and the new set of Samsung tabs are good too.
  3. Kindle is fine in Theatre even though it connects to internet, Amazon site. MOD has cleared it for use as it will only connect to Amazon site. You are correct 3G enabled tablets are NOT allowed.
    I had a Samsung Galaxy tablet myself used it all the time, didn't bother with my laptop out there. If I wanted faster internet I went to the cabins and used the Paradigm internet puters.
  4. I have no idea where you got that from, it will connect to any site you like. I doubt the MOD cleared it for that reason as even MOD would have tested it beyond that. Don't get this confused with a standard Kindle and even that will connect to other sites if it has the internet trial browser installed but it will be in black and white. Never trust the word of someone who says 'puters'.
  5. I was given that in a brief prior to deploying. Kindle was allowed but no other 3g devices. I can only go on what I was advised by the briefing DITSO officer?
    Edited to add I know sweet FA about Kindle. Just normal 'puters. Smarty.

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  6. Speak to PJHQ J6 IA for the definitive answer. The only 3G device you can take into theatre is the old Kindle. Anything else needs to be wifi only.

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  7. If you are going to use it as an e-reader also then it is worth looking at the Kobo arc(WHsmith has 32G for £129 atm).Bought the eldest son one for homework and he's an avid reader.
    It is open source and will load most format books and does all the other stuff tablets do. I maybe wrong but I think more or less all public library ereader books are ePub so if using kindle you need calibre.
    It has Jellybean IOS(who the feck thinks these things up!),
    The difference with the Nexus 7 and the kobo is the Nexus has a quad core(ever so slightly quicker,50notes more too) the bobo has a raided edge so you are less likley to accidently turn the page.
  8. To follow on to what orgASMic said.

    The difference with a Kindle is that, connecting on 3G, all it substantively says is "Hey, I'm an Amazon Kindle" - everything else is dealt with by Amazon. Whereas, with a normal 3G device, it provides the local cell company with all sorts of interesting data. From IMSI and IMEI to billing data. As well as the numbers (obviously) of any one you call (yes, I know, tablets - but some tablets can make calls too) or SMS. All of which has been used to breach people's persec.

    However, as the Kindle Fire (normal, HD and HD8.9) are all wifi only in the UK (the US version of the HD8.9 has 4G), then they are all legit under the theatre no-3G guidance.

    Personally, I've not used one (just my old one and a quick go at a Paperwhite) so can't compare it to other tablets. Although I bought a Samsung Note 8" at the BX at Leatherneck and that is great, if pricey. The Galaxy Tab is similar and much cheaper.
  9. I bought the Ol Man a Kindle Fire a few months back and he loves it. You can buy a decent case for it quite cheaply and it doesn't come with a mains charger so you will need to buy one. He's not easily impressed but hes been really happy with it and takes it everywhere. :)
  10. I ha dmy ipad (WIFI only) and it was fine... dont drop it!
  11. The power button is hard to press and keep in but hold the tablet against you and hold the power button for about 30 seconds. Then let go. After awhile it will restart by itself or you can press the power button (or long-press it) and it should start-up again.
  12. Rejuvenating a Kindle Fire:
    I have had my Kindle Fire for 18 months now, and things did start slowing up, eventually the keyboard froze.
    I put the kindle back to Factory Settings, got the WIIFII running on it and then re-logged in to Amazon. i also pulled loads of books off the device and put them where ever Amazon puts them (you can get them back any time)

    It now runs like a racing snake.
  13. The old ones had full global internet access included but they changed it a couple of years ago
  14. I just did a tour with one of say no if your wanting to watch films or play a few games. I myself hated it towards to end because it seemed to freeze up a bit is say a laptop is your best bet.

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