Kindle Fire HD < I Pad

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by padme, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. i have the choice of either one , not sure which one to take tho. what ever we get we want to mainly use to , connect to social networking sites , read the likes of Arrse and newspapers, watch youtube,read book , watch films general fuffing about , but nothing to serious , we have the lappy for that.

    So as a techology mong , could i have some advise please ?
  2. Quick answer is that iPad's better for web & vid stuff, is cool shit bro etc - I'm not a big fan of Apple wanting to own me though. Kindle is lighter and so better for a commute but go have a look at both, feel and prod then make your choice. Haven't had a look at the Fire yet, have been waiting on UK release.
  3. If I was offered that choice, I would have no hesitation in turning down the iPad. In fact, if you gave me the choice of the iPad or nothing, I would still turn down the iPad.
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  4. Missus has an Ipad 2,it's great for what she does,Me I'm looking at both the Nexus 7,and the Kindle Fire HD.

    Watched a film on the Nexus,not bad,better processor,but not HD,but at that size it doesn't matter,looking into using my smart phone as a Wi Fi hotspot for whichever one I decide on! :)
  5. I find that my iPad (Version 1) does not want to talk with my android phone, so I'd check that the two devices are compatible.
  6. I use iPad 1 quite a lot, good for vids, I player etc, but I find the ****** cheats when I play games on it!