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Just a heads-up folks. Amazon are running a £1 sale for some books from now until 6 January 2011. If you have just been given a Kindle for Christmas what a great way to try it out. Some not bad looking books there.

Cheers for the tip. I got a Kindle today, nice touch seeing as though I got the Missus a new frying pan
If you want some freebies, type domain into the search on the amazon site and sort by low to high - hey presto free books, then search and download them on your kindle after.

Old news but may save a few bob -for example, the Quatermain books are free.
Has 'Eddie' written a follow on yet???

On another note.....
Do a search on ebay for ebooks, find the authors you like and bid. I got 16,000 sifi for £5, and 48 other authors and all thier books for £3.50. (Tom Clancy, John Grisham etc.......)

Then run them through calibre (google it, its free!) on the lappy and bingo they are now in Kindle mobo format. Then plug in the kindle and Bob is your mothers brother who w*nked off looking through the key hole at her mates during a sleepover!

If the publishers insist on trying to make people pay the same price for an ebook that they would pay for a paperback then I will happliy use ebay.
(Note, the adverts on ebay all say they have the legal right to sell the ebooks that they are, otherwise ebay would shut them down and the copyright lawe...sharks would be in a feeding frenzy)
I have a lot of PDFs of books from this website Fiction Other. Free e-books download. (there are tens of thousands of them including the latest releases from McNab and Tom Clancy and the like) but would I be able to put them on a Kindle if I bought one?
Yes, the Kindle reads pdf files, or if you wanted to you could use a programme called calibre (google it) and get the changed to mobo which is kindles favorite software, means you can change the font andsize easily.
Calibre is a fewkin great programme!!!
It can also find the metadata and the cover and attach them to the data that is then sent to the kindle. So when you open the kindle the book cover and a brief resume of the book is shown incase you dont know anything about it.

So far the only PIA is that the series data that is shown in calibre doesnt seem to get transfered, so unless you acutally know what book is the next one in line it can be pot luck.
What I have done is made a pdf document listing all the books and the series they are in and loaded that onto the kindle.

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