Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by The_Big_Floater, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Me and my wife are both in the army and currently serving in Germany, since we have been here we have been told that we cannot claim kindegeld due to us both serving. however I know of a few indiviuals in the same boat who are and getting it .... Is there anyone out there who can give me the DS answer on claiming Kindergeld...
  2. It's German child benefit. Surely you will get UK child benefit (or your wife will).
    Maybe those you know are married to Germans therefore they will claim it but not the UK child benefit.
  3. Yes you are right, however the majority of families in Germany are entitled to claim Kindergeld. I was always under the impression however and this has been the brief that if you are both serving soldiers you are not entitled due to not being on the german net. Kindergeld was given to UK families due to the understanding that the wives would be sat at home, however this isn't completely correct.

    So is this discrimination to parents who are both serving or are we actually entitled to this as much as the normal families...
  4. As far as i'm aware your wife can claim it. Speak to the UWO and they can provide you with the answer. If in doubt, claim for it and if it gets declined, at least you've tried. On a plus note, if you do get it, then you may be able to get it backdated for the day you arrived in BFG/ day when your child was born.
  5. Cheers ACC, I was gonna give it a go and as I we have been here since 2006 that will be a billy bonus.....
  6. My memory from Germany is a little hazy. However my understanding is that normally you can claim UK Child Benefit and also Kindergeld. You will receive the difference between the 2 and considering Kindergeld is quite generous it is certainly worthwhile.

    As to your particular circumstances I don't know. Most couples will only be 1 serving person, which means the 2nd party is eligible to work on the German network, in turn meaning they would be eligible to pay German tax and as such be eligible to recieve German benefits. As you are both serving neither is eligible to work on the German network and as such not able to claim the German benefits.

    I could of course be incorrect and I would advise you to seek advice from those who really know. Possibly posting this in the RHQ forum could achieve better results.
  7. Hows your German?
    As I understand it you have to claim child allowance in the UK (§ 65 Abs. 1 EstG and the EU regulation EWR 1408/71) but can claim 'Teilkindergeld' which is the difference between UK and German allowances if the UK pays less.
  8. Should this be in the RHQ forum rather than "Current Affairs" ??
  10. I take it you are going to complain its discrimination that you receive two lots of LOA unlike families with only one person serving?
  11. A fair point it has to be said.. Unfortunately the General dictates some of my ARRSE threads.(money grabber) why do you think I have not done anything about it over the last 3 1/2 years as I am more than happy with current income.. Although I do see her point that if others are then why not us.

    let us be honest it is a very selfish world we live in and I am sure if you were in that predicament you would also be contemplating happily to get "free money".....

    And as for discrimination, a well over used word nower days.....
  12. Totally agree with the free money thing and totally agree that the word discrimination is very over used.
  13. Only one serving member can claim LOA when married, but i stand to be corrected.
  14. That link's actually quite interesting for you, The_Big_Floater. Particularly this part:

    Kindergeld gibt es aber in Deutschland nach der unbeschränkkten Steuerpflicht (also überwiegend Wohnsitzprinzip). Betroffen können also nur Fälle sein, die Ihre unbeschränkte Steuerpflicht in Deutschland aufgrund des Arbeitsverhältnisses herleiten (§ 1 Abs.2 EStG). Die Sozialversicherungspflicht erscheint mir hier unerheblich.

    Which I've swiftly translated for you:

    Child benefit is paid in Germany according to unlimited tax-liability (meaning predominantly the principle of domicile). This only applies to cases in which your unlimited tax-liability is based on being in employment in Germany (Section 1, Para 2 Income Tax Law).

    Hope this helps.

  15. Sorry to correct you Andy.. The Main quarter owner gets full LOA rates, the other serving soldier only recieves equivelant 80% OF A SINGLE SOLDIER OF THE SAME RANK