Kinder Scout, near Edale Derbyshire

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jonny36, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. Kinder Scout, near Edale Derbyshire - anyone know any good routes? Thinking of going over it tomorrow.

  2. Yeah. Start at Edale; head up through the clough on part of the Penine way, over kinder scout, then back through Jacob's ladder and back into Edale. Reckon on about 8 1/2 miles, around 4 hours with an ok pace. It depends on how much you stop etc. Not got my map to hand so can't give you grid references; if you need you can pm me and I'll run off.
  3. Here's a route I found the other day from Edale to the Snake Pass Inn.
    It was an old route card I turned up the other day from at least 15 years ago!


    From Edale Post Office to Snake Inn:

    Leg/Brg (deg)/To Grid Ref/Distance Metres/To Place
    3/340/120868/700/Access Sign
    5/352/118876/550/North of Rock outcrop
    7/042/128892/1300/Corner of Wood
    8/075/130893/200/Blackden Barn
    11/Left onto Road/112905/2200/Snake Inn

    Note that the road can be rather dangerous with poor sighting and fast traffic.

    A pint and a roll at the Snake Inn and you'll be ready to come back. Draw a line from the Snake Inn to Kinder Downfall and you'll find that an interesting route. You'll need to sort out the details, points of access etc.
    From Kinder Downfall, Follow Pennine way back to Edale

    It's forecast bad weather from Saturday PM onwards (sleet,snow etc) so leave a copy of your itinerary with someone and a return time.

    Take all the right gear!


  4. Its bleak in Summer. I would have a real good look at the weather for saturday
  5. I will do.

    The bergan will be full of gear to 35lb if I get snowed in (stella), good reason for a non army weekend away from the Mrs!

    Does the Snake Pass Inn have a Saturday night Disco? lol Better take the dancing kit as well!

    Thanks lads!
  6. I use to climb kinda as a kid with my dad, haven't been for years, not in the area any more!

    have fun

    p.s the weather looks shite for the weekend!
  7. One of my favourites over Kinder is up to start at Edale (the car park across the road from the station is about £6 for the day) head up through the village to the Nags Head, keep it on your right and go to the end of the village, follow the signpost and take a right to head to Grindsbrook.
    Basically you stay on this path up Grindsbrook Clough, there's a tiny bit of scrambling required when edging up the clough, the trick is to stay to the right hand path for as long as possible then cross the stream and follow the left handside path until the top. The view back down from the top is excellent on a clear day.

    At the top (Kinder Plateau) head left and you basically follow the path round the edge of the plateau. Crossing Crowden Brook, up to the Woolpacks, and along to Noe Stool. From Noe Stool tag onto the Penine Way and follow the route down Jacobs Ladder and onto Edale which is signposted from there.

    Awesome little walk, and if you fancy making things interesting on the boggie parts keep to the right where the boulders are and scramble your way over them instead of walking through the bogs.
  8. So what I said apart from you remembered more names ;)

    I went 2 weeks ago and below are views from Edale towards Mam Tor, and Mam Tor towards Edale and Kinder Scout

    Attached Files:

  9. You might be interested in several aircraft bits and pieces at Snake Inn and the story behind the air crashes and recovery.

    Also dependent on your map reading skills, it might be possible to take a few short detours to some of the crash sites (I believe several still have larger sections and scatter remains left on site) and pay your respects.

    A great website detailing most of the sites is


  10. You are such a stalker I was there then too!!!
    And no it's not the same way, Grindsbrook isn't on the penine way, the PW goes up Crowden Clough, which is a a shorter walk and less fun to climb up. Plus if it's icey Crowden is a freaking nightmare.
  11. Thats not a hill, I've dig holes that have left mounds of earth higher than that.

    I bet thats not snow, just dandruff from the hippy's and wet pants that bimbled over the top of it in their spangly underpants and peter storm jackets.
  12. Hang on a minute aren't you the chap who wears a bright yellow cagoule, carries karabinas that are 'not for climbing', and gets a girl to carry his pack?

    MDN fell and hurt his knee
  13. Kinders great not to hard, nice steep section, hard to get lost and always activity about and i use it for tabbing alot its a cracker.
  14. oh dear oh dear :p cotswold camping ally?