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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by chazman24, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. Hey i want to join the Royal signals as a techy engineer,

    I have all qualifications accept my c in science ( poor i know ) i got two d's

    yet im trained already as a Telecoms engineer, and network engineer, and could sail through all the training as i used to teach ecdl as well, and have worked as a IT manager for goverment org's

    is there a chance they can waver the missing c in science because of other experience ?? ???
  2. experiance beats qualifications i havent got a trade but i think the qualifications apply to those with no exp and want to learn the trade.
  3. Where do you get that idea from? When I went through ACIO, the qualifications were set in stone, as to whether you were eligible for a particular role or not.
  4. There are a lot of things "set in stone"

    However its been a (long) while since I did it

    Anyway I thought it was up to the TST to what you could and couldn't do ?
  5. The TST can eliminate you from a job that you have otherwise past all the other criteria for, if you don't score high enough.

    Taken on board your "set in stone" comment though!
  6. Chazman, go into your careers office - they will tell you definatively whether you can get in with your experience or not.
  7. Qualifications can be waivered if you have particular specialist experience, if you go into your ACIO they will be able to sit down with you and workout wether or not you have the relevant experience...
  8. Cheers People well wish me luck,

    bein i already own all the qualifications i would gain from my phase 2 training i hope they waver the c gcse in science !!!
  9. If you have certificates to prove you have got civilian qualifications up to a certain standard the Recruiter will send details off to the SPSO to decide if he will waiver your application for a certain trade. This will then be taken into consideration by the PSO at ADSC, its his final decision. The Recruiter will give you more information.
  10. says on the armyjobs website what qualifications you need, but it also says or relevent civilian qualifications im presuming that means nvq's an that sort, if all else fails just heckle them for a bit
  11. Obviously a wealth of knowledge on the subject Chippy.
    If you dont know the answer the best thing to do is :silent: especially when you go to Pirbright in May . I wonder if a Dundee Recruiting Sergeant has noticed your way of dealing with them, they must shake in their boots when they know HECKLE JOHNBOY comes in the ACIO. Think Id better inform RG to change RI's on your say so :roll: