Kind of dead ankle....

Hi guys,
I'm a lifeguard and on Saturday i was on duty at one of the dam swims which my club patrols...

At these patrols we use rescue Malibu boards to station ourselves at intervals along the course, when we reach the course we can sit in a comfortable position on the board but when we paddle out we sit on our knees with our butts on our heels.

It was a 8 hour patrol and when i got off the water I found that I couldnt lift my foot at the ankle as my foot was extremely numb.

It's getting better slowly but I still cant use it properly, does anyone have any ideas how to fix it?

Much obliged
fair point,
thats why I shouldnt post when still asleep :D
Do you mean you couldn't lift your toes ? SOunds like shin splints , naproxyn should fix that after a visit to the doc's to check thats what it is. Though how you'd get that from sitting on a board is anyones guess. Maybe some sort of trapped nerve ?
this sounds similar to a problem I had caused by cutting off the blood flow for too long and damaging the nerve.

A bit of physio should sort it out, ultrasound, massage etc.

The bad news is that it took me nearly three months to get use of my hand back but then I was spectacularly drunk when I did it.
You should have a GP for a reason, may i suggest that you go see them?

They have spent many years training to diagnose exactly what you are asking on here.

ARRSE is not a medical site and the only advice you can get are people's opinions which you should not take as proven advice.

Hope your ankle gets better soon all the same,

Thanks guys,
it might be a damaged nerve coz i was kneeling for a bloody long time.
Anyway my mate is trainee physio so il speak to him when i see him again.

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