Kim Marsh and her new boobs

luvly jubblies


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Nice t!ts, but she needs another 20k for the face.
Got to wonder about women who get ' enhancements' claiming its all for boosting self-esteem, etc... when they all know its to be oogled by lecherous old men and offered 'high-paying ' suspect job opportunities, usually involving flaunting said ' enhancements'..

can't figure out why women want everyone to know that they've got fake bits and squeeze like a rubber ducky...

seems to me that, while men may gawk, they don't take them seriously...good for fun and a romp but no long term commitment...brains and an ability to use them usually win out over fun to be had squishing jubblies when you got to explain to the bimbo du jour how to open your beer every frickin' time...
The rack works for me money well spent. But i hate to think how much it would cost to sort out that dial.
Biped said:
Nice t!ts, but she needs another 20k for the face.
Oh I don't know. If she can take a double anal fisting I could forgive her looks.
OI! You guys lie so much.. you know you'd all be in there knocking boots after a bottle or two of the XX stuff from under the counter or a round or three of Free beer on Fridays...especially close to ' Time, Gentlemen, please'...
spike7451 said:
BTW,F8ck,she's rancid!I would'nt even touch it with a teflon condom & HazMat suit!
Must be shit when you are so handsome and such a stud muffin :roll:

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