Kim Kardashian and family

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chocolate_frog, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Who the fcuk is this bird? Why is pretty much every days Daily Mail, and othe rpapers full of her 'adventures'?

    Who the fcuk is the family?

    Am I supposed to know who these people are? Why are they famous?
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  2. Your so out of touch biatch.
  3. Famous for being famous (reality TV). To answer your real question however: this is perpetuated by Messrs Clifford et al. who manipulate the 'popular' press. Surely after the latest round of Clifford et al.'s various dribble in the Daily Hate you must think Simon Cowell is the arch-heterosexual. Fact is he is bent as a Uri Geller spoon.
  4. So, another fucking nobody cashing in on the fact then? This sort of thing is destroying the values of this country. People expecting 'respek' on the back of the fact that you don't need to do anything to earn it.
  5. That could be a considerable reason behind some of our current social woes...

    There once was a time when to be lauded and lionised you had to lose half your men/or all of the party trying to find the North Pole, or some bizarre animal in the African wilderness.

    Standing firm against overwhelming odds, or a suicidal charge usually worked too.

    Now what? In teh same page it transpires that 'Posh' Spice has designed her own Rangey... lovely.
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I find not buying the Daily Mail works for me.
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  7. I find not reading it for free online either, works for me.
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  8. I like to buy it when I'm feeling a bit too chirpy. It upsets me and brings me right back down to earth with a thud. It's like the paper version of Auld Yin. Sucking the happiness out of life. I think that I'm developing masochistic tendencies. I might nip over to that Squaddies Wives site and see if any of them fancy whuppin' my ass when their husband is deployed, in exchange for a good poking.
  9. I am loathe to buy the Daily Hate.

    I love the Daily Hate site though. Ostensibly I like finding contradictory stories (usually: what a slag of a girl vs same girl in 'femail' being praised). Ultimately I love the on-line site and I am disgusted at myself for doing so.
  10. It isn't just the Mail though, obviously the Red Tops but even the Telegraph has an article about somethiing called 'The Voice'... which apparently is basically another Pop Factor.

    Little Mix? Who the fcuk are they?

    Even the fact taht Peaches Geldof has had a sprog doesn't realy seem to cut it as 'news'.

    Where are the stories of street wise hercules makeing a difference to the Nation? Of dering do on the front lines? Scientists curing some obscure disease or firemen saying 'you know what, fcuk the 3ft of water, we're saving that pidgeon'.

    No wonder kids today are so clueless.

    The birds want to be a WAG and the boys want to be a gangsta mo' fo rapper.
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  11. I've read somewhere she waxes her flange...... so can't all be negative
  12. I think another problem is, newspapers give out too much 'opinion' by total dick heads. leve the opinions for the internet, just print the fucking news (they struggle with just that too!).
  13. Thank you for that, I kept thinking I must have heard who all the famous people are but just forgot, seems I might not have the old Alxheimers after all, unless of course we have both got it :omfg:
  14. Would be a lot easier if every cunt on here didn't link a Daily Mail "story" for us to gnash our teeth over.
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  15. Yes, here's a Daily Mail story about stupid people who link to Daily Mail Stories...

    Fucking hell! Here's another one of the bloody things!!! Don't look!!!

    This comment on the second link says it all:

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