Kim Jong Un gets the good news?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Murphy_Slaw, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. "Official Internet Rule: Any (Chinese) Twitter post that begins with "according to reliable source" is almost certainly fake."

    Fair enough then. Shame really, it's been a boring day so far.
  2. Don't think so. World police have Dinnerjacket pencilled in for the spring first.
  3. FAT chance!
  4. Nah!, it,s a load of old shite mate, China Daily is not reporting it, but they ARE reporting a Syrian Opposition Group having meetings with Chinese Foreign Ministers in Peking which is at odds with China boosting Assad by vetoing the UN wrist slapping, Ho Hum! its a funny wold world innit.
  5. Jong Un's assassination would be the last thing the region needs, beyond the immediate cheering comes the "oh fuck" moment, when the entire country collapses into civil war and the ensuing refugee crisis in South Korea and China
  6. Besides, the Chinese blogosphere is a terrible place to go looking for accurate news. Just ask the 'late' Jiang Zemin.
  7. Will only take the two 'M's: Mossad and Motorcycle
  8. Very true, hence my question mark at the end of the thread title and my opening remarks. It is very probably some pot smoking Chinaman tweeting,with nothing better to do(are there any Arrser's in China at the mo?) However as I understand it China has a tight control over it's home based internet. So who would be stupid enough or have the balls to post such a statement?
  9. It can have. That's not the same as 'always does'. Most of the time, if it doesn't affect domestic stability the authorities couldn't give a shit who posts what.