Kim Howells - Master of Tactics

Since when did a Junior Foreign and COmmonwealth Office Minister become an expert on COIN tactics?

"They assumed that an airborne assault would probably draw down upon them less international criticism than if they tried to reorganise that territory and that's obviously my assessment of what was going on.

"I thought it was the wrong tactics - not because of some notion of disproportionality, which I find a very difficult concept, but because I think it was not effective in reducing the ability of Hezbollah to survive.

"And in the end of course... Hezbollah emerged stronger for it."

extracted from this article Kim Howells on Israel/lebanon

Classic case of a little bit of knowledge and bloody typical of the shambles we currently have running the country. :roll:
At this rate Howells will be appearing in camouflage next, doubtless festooned with grenades and holding forth about how he could sort the whole business out by leading a HALO drop of a squadron of Hereford's finest.

The poor fellow has quite obviously been out in the sun too much of late.


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This bloke is a tube of the highest order.
He's chasing after Rumsfeld for the 'Greatest War Leader of All Time' title

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