Kim Howells international man of mystery 'aka' foreign office minister.
Well I for one will today selebrate the fact that Britain is still great.

For today Britain stands up to be counted in the shape of Kim Howells.
There he is on the ground and to the point(well done that man).

Hey has anyone seen Tony Blair. Does anyone know of this mans whereabouts.
He was last seen dancing to things can only get better by D-ream. This was during his party to selebrate twelve years in his office.

Anyway here is todays quiz:

a.Wheres wally?: But today known as wheres Tony?.

Spot the diffrence (This could be a trick question):



and remember don't phone in it's just for fun.
Even more worrying is that Princess Tony is off on holiday soon, and Jabba the Prescott gets to be in charge. Still, done quite well for a P&O bed maker and pillow fluffer, hasn't it?

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