I don't know if I am going to have much luck with this, but, if in doubt ask on ARSSE.

What happened to all those government tartan kilts that were worn by all the Highland regiments but have now been replaced with the generic Royal Regiment of Scotland tartan kilts?

I am sure a lot will have found their way to the back of lockers and kept for old times sake, but with the new kilts being in full production of about 100 a week or month (I believe), I would imagine a lot of the soldiers were made to hand them in for exchange and so I am trying to find out where the unit stores would have backloaded them to so I can get one of the old 'no longer required' kilts for my boy who needs it for the end of the year.

So ARRSERS where I can I get him one? Any contacts, advice or info on what the best way to get one is will be appreciated.

Cheers Tartan_Terrier, although his seem a little pricey! Trying to get a more affordable one, if you know what I mean, thanks for posting though :)
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