Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by thegimp, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. I am seriously fucked off. Having to miss the Army Navy due to shit stag planning

    I've just recieved an email asking my measurments for a kilt

    I'm not a porridge wog and don't want to ******* walt as one

    My first line of negotiation is, if all the jocks wear english footy shirts for the stag weekend I'll wear a kilt for the wedding......

    However I have been told there is some etiquette.., Whats the score, she's a Jock, he is a shandy swilling southern poofter, what kilts will they put us in?

    Am I on to a loser on a point of accepted ettiquette where sasanachs are allowed/must/should wear some family kilt not related to them at all

    Chop chop with the answers as I'm getting a ******* walloping off the teasy ***** by email
  2. pinkkilt.jpg

    Here's an Englishman modelling the kilt they are required to wear.
  3. I shouldn't worry too much about wearing a kilt. It's learning to curtsey that you'll have trouble with, especially in stillettos.
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  4. First check out your surname in a Tartan book to find out which you are entitled to wear
  5. just to add, I'm the ******* best man.

    Some one was droning on about us all wearing the brides family kilt.....surely thats not right

    ******* weddings I shit em, its his second go round, do non of you ***** ever learn
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  6. I am not adverse to wearing an "urban" kilt as anyone on the plinth piss up will recalll (well probably not the drunk birds)

    I've got two tartans of my own family I could go with (not got the kilts and never would), but I can't be ******* arrsed with all this placcy jock shit.

    I'm looking for the definitive "WHAT THE BEST MAN SHOULD WEAR" DS answer. so I can wrap my tits in dripping and just man up and get the tape measure out really
  7. wear an engerland shirt .... GTF
  8. basically if you pay or hire a kilt you can wear whatever tartan you like, unless of course you are a true Scotsman of course with a family tartan, like wot I does
  9. Having worn the kilt at weddings your missing the point here, women love them. Every clan has "septs" which are names associated with that tartan, any decent kilt hire shop will be able to tell you the one for you based on your surname. If not there are lots of other ones that are not associated with any surname, just pick the one from those that you like the colour of.
  10. The point is it's the bride's "special day" and she gets to say who wears what. If you don't fall into line you'd better believe she'll be giving your mate earache for the next twenty years until he finally snaps and buries her under the patio.
  11. There is even a Welsh kilt
  12. Wear whatever tartan you want, who's going to notice/care? If you're at all concerned then stick with Royal Stewart or maybe Black Watch.
    Good advice not to upset the bride, I did that on my wedding day.
  13. I know women love em, I cut about in a SKILT number if I get the chance

    it appears the kilt has been decided on by.............................What colour goes with the bridesmaids dresses... Its called Modern BAird

    I despair
  14. Where's the Patel Tartan smarty pants?
  15. I recall that skirt you wore. Now as you point out this chap doesn't seem to learn so, go in jeans trainers and a string vest, squeeze the brides tits and finger the bridesmaids - you'll not be bothered again.