Kilt Walts?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RCSignals, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Kin 'ell, what were you searching for when you found that?
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Mad as a bag of ferrets
  3. Hey, I resemble that remark....errr..yes they are, indeed!
  4. I dare them to run through the City York after dark.......
  5. Why? Just why?
  6. There is nothing wrong with the proper wearing of the kilt.

    The people there though, need help.
  7. Now the Kilt doesn't look bad and I'm sure it's comfortable enough. But I have always had a nagging feeling that the Kilt was invented/designed/adopted in the wrong place. I would have thought that having cool air wafting up your Kilt would be great in the tropics or in areas where the weather is a lot milder than northern europe, but on a mountain in Scotland? That can't be right can it? All that heather and all those thistles? It just doesn't sound safe!

    A thick pair of trousers and a good pair of boots sound like they are much more appropriate in that environment to me.
  8. That's the age old argument for putting Scottish soldiers in white trousers P-P

    Read the histories though, the kilt has always won out as the best all around garment. Of course that refers to proper heavy weight kilts, not your mums checkered table cloth.
  9. There is a bloke there supporting the "Welsh Cilt Revival"..................

    Male choirs - Yes
    Coal mines - Yes / Once
    Big wet hills - yes
    Two fit birds and 4.5 M minging ones - yes
    Nice affordable holiday homes - Yes

    Tradition of men wearing skirts - well kinda, but not kilts - oh come on
  10. Kilts worn today bear no resemblance to the garments formerly worn by crofters in the Highlands. The whole image that most people today have of Scottish history was basically invented by Sir Walter Scott in his novels and resurrected so Queen Victoria and Albert could have somewhere 'ethnic' to go on holiday.

    the kilt is a symbol of serfdom
  11. Did you mean to post that on x-marks-the-scot?

    serfdom indeed