Kilt Tailor?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by TankiesYank, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Mods: Sorry -- this is posted elsewhere, but I thought I'd have a better chance of reaching the target audience here. :)

    'Scuse me, gents...

    Does anyone know of a good, reasonably priced tailor for kilt alterations in the Warminster area? (Blandford would also be OK.)

    Thank you in advance!
  2. pm Abacus, he may know someone
  3. OK - so, when you have made it into a pussy pelmet; can we have photos - please, pretty please?
  4. pussy pelmet - lmfao. lol
  5. What is it with porno and tartan miniskirts?
  6. Hahaha - whatever gave you that idea? ;)

    Tankies - just guessing but I reckon there won't be a dedicated Kiltmaker down your way.

    However, any military tailor should be able to do the job. So could anyone point TankiesYank to a decent Military Tailor in the Warminster area?
  7. I'm sure Moss Bros will put you in contact with a Kilt Tailor - after all they hire them out (the kilts not the tailors obviously).

    There's a branch down by the cinemas in Bournemouth.
  8. if your near Bournemouth then there is a shop called the mess dress try them at
  9. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I know its a bit further East, but the Bulford Garrison Tailor is an ex porridge-gobbler and is very good. Contactable via 3DSR.
  10. It's for the Tankie, you dirty auld b@stard!

    But if you PM me with your full name and credit card details... :twisted:
  11. Err - aren't the Black Watch still in Battlesbury Barracks? They will have their own regimental kilt tailor.
  12. What do you fancy your self in a mini skirt,,sorry kilt
  13. Or the Argylls are in Canterbury. Any Jock regiment (Inf and Guards) or 4 RTR plus RSDG will have regimental tailor on establishment and do not 19 and 40 Field not have them also? There is also a Master Stitch at Knightsbridge and Wellington.

    All your bases are belong us! (Jocks)
  14. 4RTR are gone mate - gorn I tell ee.

    Amalgamated with 1RTR in 1993.
  15. GDav - bugger of coruse you are right - I meant the new unit also known as "the Jocks and Newkie broons"