Unfortunately I am old enough to remember the decline in the practice of writing or scratching the phrase 'Kilroy was here' together with the Mr Chad 'wot no *** ?'.My question is who were Kilroy and Mr Chad ?,and why the decline ?.

Also where is most unusual place you have seen either of them wrote?, (Pte Snoops is accepted also)..
Kilroy.........Top of the Pattaya Park Tower, in the Land of Smiles.
James Kilroy was an inspector in the American dockyards where they made some of the liberty ships during WW2. When he'd inspected the rivets inside an area in a ship he wrote "Kilroy was here" on the bulkheads in waxy chalk and when the ships came over here it was seen everywhere and so the phrase entered common usage especially as it was seen as a bit of a joke to say 'Kilroy was here' first and the American soldiers scrawled his name everywhere they went to keep the tale alive.

Even can't prove otherwise, in fact there's a good deal of evidence it was true.

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