Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, May 6, 2005.

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  1. I was pleased to see Robert Kilroy-Silk getting the drubbing he deserved, coming 4th at Erewash. Back to the old sunbed for him, I suspect...
  2. Did any Veritas or UKIP candidate come anywhere other than towards the bottom?
  3. For some reason he says using all that fake-tan is a 'British Institution.
    What a patriot........ :roll:
  4. Funny, I read in another interview that he doesn't fake tan :lol:
  5. At least the old boy speaks his mind. Bullsh!t baffles brains, but at least with Kilroy-Silk you know he means it.

    I wonder what he'll do now? Any good suggestions?
  6. He's a MEP so I suppose he'll do the same as the rest of them - F All
  7. digging his eyes out with a rusty spoon gets my vote. Although i expect he might try and present a toss daytime telly chat show.

  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Those To**ers from UKIP may have come close to the bottom virtually everywhere but there are a good dozen seats listed in another thread where they split the Conservative enough to lose the seat to Lib Dem or Labour.

    In my constituency the morons that voted for UKIP effectively returned a pro-Europe liberal.

  9. I nearly put a bet on him, spent last weekend trying to talk my mother into not voting for him. Shes a typical I'll vote Labour cause I always have sort of person, but as she'd switched it got me wondering how many more would.
  10. Probably make a new tin-foil hat and go back to work designing his time machine.