Kilroy-Silk to stand for UKIP in Hartlepool

The Sunday Express is reporting that Robert Kilroy-Silk is keen to wrest the Hartlepool seat from Labour as soon as the pansy Mandelson goes off to Brussels.

Apparently his only worry is that some of the odder UKIP members may put people off voting.

PTP, who'll be stnding for the LibDems?
So no sooner does Blair send one lunatic off to Brussels than another lunatic (who's only been in Brussels 5 minutes anyway) comes back!

Still, at least Kilroy-Silk's would be a vote against the Government and not for it on European issues.
This Kilroy Silk gimp; what's that all about, eh? Let's face it, there are only about 200 - 300 people in the UK, mostly academics, who actually understand the EU question. (The question being 'are we better in or out'). That being so, the rest of us vote largely on gut feeling aka prejudice. Fear of foreigners/little England mentality being one of the nasty attributes available to be whipped up come voting time, KS and his like, who probably are not much better clued on the intricacies of EU dynamics than is my cat, do just that. What is their aim? A just and worthwhile relationship with other nations to the betterment of UK and our neighbours? A gravy train of a non-job as an MEP or MP with a role as court jester on the Paxman show? God only knows, but I suspect that if the ass-wipe tabloid embarrassments [step forward the Mail, Sun and Express!] were pro Europe and the Government against, then KS or someone like him would be squawking about a party called UKinEurope or somesuch. Don't trust these clowns any more than the current crop of mainstream politicians.

I reckon MPs should be chosen like juries, for a year at a time, and only from a pool of serving or honourably discharged ex-Services types. Mainly Army naturellment.
Almost got away with it............KS is anti European thats obvious. the Sun is so New Labour its gonna be painful to watch them crawl out of Tony's arrse; and a lying Twot as we all know.Labour are so pro Europe that we might just as well fix engines to Wales and sail over to join the rest of the continent who have got giving in without a murmur down to a fine art.

Not known at this time, but will have an answer this week I think. I'll let you know off forum :wink:
As a protest vote, I couldn't think of anyone better to get the votes. If he did get voted in, imagine the alarm bells ringing all over Labour HQ :twisted:

All I feel is its time to kick NL in the ball0cks. :lol:
As a protest vote, voting an ex-Labour MP into power would be catastrophic, especially bloody Kilroy-Silk, Mercenary so he is.

I note with interest the UKIP allying themselves with the Italian "We're not Right wing, but Mussolini did get the trains running on time" faction in the EUP 8O
PartTimePongo said:
I note with interest the UKIP allying themselves with the Italian "We're not Right wing, but Mussolini did get the trains running on time" faction in the EUP 8O
Rather like New Labour: "We're not Left wing, but Stalin did run a great propaganda machine".
I dont think though that that really matters when we are talking about a protest vote, after all most people seem to have a current aversion to voting Tory.and the Liberals are so wishy washy in their policies its difficult to take them seriously.
and the Liberals are so wishy washy in their policies its difficult to take them seriously.
Can't deny that LWM , but there is a major overhaul going on even as we speak. It has been an historical problem, but steps are being taken to address it.
So why give Liberals a chance until they have something that will stand up under scrutiny..................for all the fact that UKIP is a single issue party.........they are at least instantly recognised for that one issue which most people seem to be most concerned about; Europe and British Independance from it.
LWM, the Sun isn't a new labour paper, New Labour is a Sun political party. Murdoch is so rabidly free market and anti union that there is no way on the planet he will allow any of his papers to support a single traditional left wing policy, eg employment rights, worker safety, no free rides in life without working etc. Obviously this last point applies to dole money only, not to the children of rich people. Labour did a deal with the tabloids years ago to bash the usual targets of the dim, such as asylum seekers, 'peedos', single parents and so on. They also rolled over, in large measure, on the unions and wealth distribution. That's why the Army is getting shafted; thick people up and down the land don't vote for the things that mean higher taxes, and then whine like a wrac on an assault course when public services fall apart. That's also why we will all be stagging on at BandQ aged 93, when the pension fails to keep up with us. Again, down to low taxes - Big Gordon had to get the dosh for keeping the country going from somewhere, and pension schemes were one of his targets. Sad but true.

New labour hasn't got the Sun up its botty, the Sun has got New Labour by what titchy balls it has.

A good reason to slap them both obviously, but like everyone says, who else is there? You can't vote tory unless you are a crawling servile moronic stinking hate filled scumbag or a rich man. Libs are irrelevant, and there is no one else.
Kilroy-Silk: perma-tanned, tub-thumping c0ck, end of dit.

Might as well vote for me, at least I am only a c0ck. :roll:
Wot we need over 'ere in good ole Blighty, is the system them have in that there Thailand, whereby the Thais, Bow Ties and any other eligable piece of clothing, can opt to vote for 'NONE OF THE ABOVE'. If 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' win, the law over there says you gotta hold another election and none of the candidates who appeared on the last ballot paper can be entered.

But the biggest hill to climb is voter apathy... my mate works for a Local Authority and was an Election Official recently. He told me that even the tumble weed couldn't be arsed to get out during the last load of elections in his Borough.

Apathy is the fuel that feeds this lot......... that and rank fcuk-witted-ness amongst certain sections of the population.
What we need , is to make bloody voting compulsory

It's the most precious gift in a democracy, and we just piss it away :evil:

You wonder why asylum seekers and refugees vote as soon as they're able?
Since they voted in a bloke in a monkey suit as mayor, anything is possible up there.
Well, we picked our candidate, nice professional girl too , and well known locally for her work with kids etc.
She's a rather good Barrister and all, and liked by the local Old Bill I inderstand, so the local Crim element probably won't be supporting her :D

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