Kilroy-Silk to stand against TCH in next general election?


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Was it my fevered imagination or did I hear on the news that the orange one (Kilroy-Silk) is going to stand for parliament in TCH constituency?

I don't have much time for 'Kilroy' but the thought of him unseating TCH is quite tickling.

I can see the headlines 'From Bufhoon to Clown' or 'Oi TCH you know when you've been Tango'd'

the worst of both worlds!

Who to choose? they are both class A tankers but i really couldnt decide which one i would want less!

I would love to see TCH get whats coming to him. As for Silk... well it could liven up the house.

For those of you educated in the great traditions of British Universities, you may well remember his chat shows on daytime TV. I think the man is perfect for the House of Commons. Lets face it he spent years talking to the scum of the earth so he will be at home surrounded by theives, liars, the down-trodden, the bullies and the frankly strange.

Infact, let Trisha stand against St Tony.


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ViroBono said:
Apparently he is not going to stand against TCH.

VB is correct (as usual) :D

Kilroy names election seat target

Mr Kilroy-Silk: "We'll be straight talking"

Ex-chat show host Robert Kilroy-Silk is to contest the Derbyshire seat of Erewash at the next general election.

Labour's Elizabeth Blackman won the seat in 1997 and has a 6,932 majority. She says she will fight on her record "as a hard-working constituency MP".

Mr Kilroy-Silk announced his plans a day after launching his new party, Veritas, the Latin for truth.

The East Midlands MEP, who quit the UK Independence Party, wants his new group to "change the face" of UK politics.

His choice of election constituency quashes speculation that he would stand against Mr Hoon himself in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.
There's more if you follow the link, including some good bitchy comment from UKIP re: the Orange One.
Whilst we're on the subject of the Orange One, have any of you seen his 'Veritas' (the latin for Truth) site?

If you want a party that tells the truth and only the truth, this is the party for you. If you want a party that talks straight, this is the party for you. If you are tired of the lies, the deceit, the evasions and the spin of the old parties in Westminster, then join us, because so are we.

Fed up of being made to feel ashamed of being British? So are we. Had enough of being made to feel embarrassed about celebrating British traditions, culture and values? So have we.

We will stop all this nonsense. We will not tolerate the bullying and the intimidation by the liberal elite in London. We will speak openly and fearlessly for the British people - of whatever ethnic background, colour or creed - and for the British way of life.

We shall have firm control of immigration, impose zero tolerance of crime, and create a society where all are equal under the law, have equality of opportunity, are expected to take responsibility for our own lives, and families, but will be compassionate to the vulnerable, be entrepreneurial and innovative, and reach out to the wider world.

And we will, of course, ensure that we are governed by our own people, in our Parliament in Westminster. There is now an opportunity for us to change the face of British politics forever.

On the splash page alone, there are 3 incitements to part with your dosh for these muppets. Clearly they have your interests at heart!
Just look at the sorts of places the prat gathers his minions to hear his drivel:

Thursday 3rd February 7:00pm: The Legend's Room Pride Park Stadium, Derby.

Thursday 3rd February 8.30pm: The Gateway Hotel, Cinderhill Roundabout, Nottingham (near Junction 26 M1).

Friday 4th February 7.00pm: North Stafford Medical Institute, Hartshill Road, Stoke.
You have to remember that this man was once a Labour MP for 12 years and styled himself as the next Prime Minister at one point. Obviously failed on that one and now even has to set up his own party as all the others have realised is a strangely coloured cnut who would probably knacker their chances wherever he stood. That said, if ever he did stand against TCH he'd guarentee the military vote for his constituency at the very least. And could you imagine the character assassination opportunities for both of them during campaigning time?:wink: .

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