Kilroy silk quits the UKIP to setup new party called VERITAS

The permatanned one has fallen out with the big boys and is taking his ball home to set up a party where he is THE leader.

I like how the papers always refer to the UKIP as the far right. Thinking about it, they want to remove the Uk from the EU and retake control of the Uk's national interests. They allowed a twat from New labour to join them so they can really be a right wing party. After all, they dont have right wing policies (low taxes, small government, laisev-faire etc), they only have seperatist policies.

agent smith
Agent Smith, likewise I concur with your general view. Did anyone see the permatanned one as he tried and failed to give Jon Snow a roasting on C4 News last night? Net result; he looked like a tw@t and in fact just came across as a cnut.

The only positive is that the UKIP/BNP/Veritas will mop up 10% of the vote and perhaps this will force to Tories to fight for centre ground rather than trying to capture the UKIP/BNP/Veritas votes. We can hope! Therefore, we might have a credible opposition.
The leader of UKIP was on the Today programme this morning, trying to brush off the permatanned one's departure as insignificant. He came across as utterly infantile, which is probably in keeping with the playground nature of the whole argument.
I just hope that this really shows the voters what a bunch of twats the UKIP are and how untrustworthy Kilroy is. Hopefully they will now start looking towards the tories as the only opposition and not waste their vote on these 'freak show' side parties.

personally i dont think the tories should move towards the centre. Labour have taken that position and as we all know, we need overwhelming numbers to take a well defended position (7yrs to prepare the defences)

They really need to get back to core conservative values of family values (mmm, affairs :oops: ) , lower taxes, small goverment, greater personal freedoms, less beaurocracy and red tape, and a stonger economy based on the private sector rather than propped up by a bloated inefficient public sector.

At present, they have a few good ideas, but they dont have the polish and shine that labour do. They really need to get a new policy director with new ideas and a media director (although Not like Alistair campbell)

Damn, i should be their policy director!
Myarrse! :twisted:
I might join just for the chance to continue to take the mick out of kilroy (':twisted:')

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