Kilroy-Silk, a National Hero ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Oct 3, 2004.

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  1. Watched the Adam Boulton (Pro-Labour Propoganda) show this morning.R-K-S gave him IMHO a right good verbal spanking........and set about giving some seriously interesting points to ruminate.........

    Methinks UKIP is definitly becoming a force to be reckoned with :D
  2. It's RKS's slimey patronizing manner that is the only thing turning me away from listening to anything the UKIP have to say. Never liked his program and can't say I care for anything he has to say.... in fact, I'd rather vote labour than vote for them while he's in the driving seat.... and that's saying something! 8O
  3. Not likely. That said, I'd love to hear which of his arguments have swayed you so persuasively, LWM. My political instinct screams "do not trust this man!" but I try to be as open to new ideas as possible.

  4. He was a Labour MP 1974-86.
  5. RKS was a Labour MP at one stage - not to be trusted
  6. Quite right, IF. The man's another carpetbagging opportunist, and an oily one at that. Like TCH, a lawyer.:twisted: As for what he says, well, what can you expect from a dog's arrse but shi*e, as my old father used to opine. :wink:
  7. I think that says most of it, Claymore! "RKS's slimey patronizing manner" is certainly what turns me off - but it's a pity that the rest of them don't seem to have the same ability in front of the camera and microphone as he does. It's also fairly clear that they're more of a single-issue organisation than they pretend to be, too. That won't keep them going through the debates on the less glamourous issues.
  8. I would also love to say yes, but Kilroy is a ****.
  9. To clarify......I did not say that RK-S was the dogs B*'s..........

    However what i inferred was that R k-S and the UKIP, but: R K-S in particular had some pretty strong and not entirely disagreeable points to make 8)

    And to reiterate he wrapped that Labour flunky Adam Boulton up in his own dirty sheets without really trying :D

    UKIP might not be the ideal and RKS might not be everyones cup of tea but..................

    Tony BLIar

    Michael .................

    Charles another one please mate..........double Kennedy

    I suppose it depends on what you want for your country and not necessarilly what you hope to get from your Politicians
  10. What? An asterix? It's worse than we thought......
  11. Your right ....he could be an Alex Salmon.......... 8O 8O 8O :wink:
  12. slimy egocentric arrsewipe!

    i neither like nor trust him.
  13. Who................Alex Salmon.........Gordon (Taxation) Brown, Labour Mr Tonnnnnnnieeeeeeeeeeeeee BLIAR, not yet fulfilled an election manisfesto committment; Michael (Where do we bury the DoDo) Howard, Charles (Wheres me dram) Kennedy :( :(

    Immigration, Defence and Security, Education, Health and Taxes.............Not whether he looks slimy, if he looks slimy then why feckin vote him into power again?
  14. Just to clarify your clarification....... The title you gave this thread was "Kilroy-Silk, a National Hero". No question mark. Quite a complimentary statement, and as you can see by the comments so far, not one held by many others.
  15. oversight.............apology extended to all who were misled......................see how easy that was?? :D

    Now for the last 7 years of TB Liars Government?