Kilroy on Question Time re Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by knockknee, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. I thought he scored a few points over Sir Ian Blair ex Met Commissioner.

    Kilroy scorned the idea terrorists, who are a threat to UK, are trained in Afghanistan the stronghold of AQ. Kilroy said they are trained in Birmingham, in Glasgow etc etc They are here.

    If only there had been an Arrser in the audience who could have put Sir Ian Blair on the spot about Mark YATES. Wanted for questioning re inadvertently training AQ at English gun ranges ? Associate of James SHORTT the bogus former SAS man with a miracle history of exemption from police and tax inquiries.

    Blair of course wants us to "Celebrate" that we are "Enriched" ny multiculturalism.

    He accused Kilroy of a "sub text" (of racism) because Kilroy pointed out that the British people had neither been asked whether they consented to joining Europe nor asked whether they consented to the imposition of a multicultural experiment.

    I wonder about Blair having a sub text. Muklticulruralism is the belief that all cultures are of equal merit within one land. Hence it is impossible to be both a multiculturalist and opposed to the culture of the BNP. A multicultural;ist by definition opposes no culture.

    On the radio two days ago a lady (apparently expert) said "Our de,ocracy is not suitable for the Afghan culture"

    Surely this is the same as admitting that other forms of culture are not suitable to our democracy.

    Given what has happened in Afghanistan against us and in USA against their troops by a Muslim officer I wonder how Blair feels now about being enriched by a culture who accept the benefits of a society . take oaths of office and then bite the hand that feeds them ?
  2. I thought the only sane person on the show was the female comediene who said Kilroy was like Stadler & Waldorf
    ie A Muppet, priceless
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Good for you to see the likeness in yourself with Waldorf and Stadler, now we don't have to keep telling you. :roll:
  4. A particularly poor Question Time, I thought. Why anyone listens to Peter Hain is beyond me, the Tory MP was a total non-entity, Kilroy-Silk is too busy admiring the sound of his own voice and Ian Blair took the opportunity to raise his own profile now that he is no longer in the employ of the Police. It just became a bit of a shouting match and very few politicians seemed to land any telling punches. I did admire the member of the audience who pointed out that a referendum on the EU was pointless, given that Ireland was made to vote again!
  5. I dont look a bit like ether of them, I am tall and handsome
  6. Loving the Muppet put down. I did think Mr Blair was being more than a little disingenuous, intelligence has placed groups based in this country if not trained here certainly indoctrinated and financed from here.

    Lets be honest we now the solution stop treating certain sector of society with kid gloves, no other country is as soft as we are. However it does make a good excuse for lots of nice new laws to control to population so it can’t be all bad……right?

  7. I thought Silk came across as a bit of a blowhard,but then again most people who are driven by principle usually do when contrasted with the cosy middle ground 'concensus' thinking.

    The points he made were valid,and that he managed to wring so much applause from a QT audience suggests he hit more than a few nails on the head.The same goes for the comedy doris too,some of her points were bang on.

    Blair has not all bad,to start with anyway.But the guy just could not help himself and soon provided a reminder of why Boris bitch slapped him into oblivion.In fact Blair was a perfect illistration of why the UK is seeing the rise of the the BNP,if you talk about immigration you are branded a racist.

    Did anyone else snigger when he droned on about his children being enriched by the multicultural society?

    I am surprised he did not come out and say "Im not a racist,I have loads of black mates." :roll:
  8. From Ian Blairs various appearances this week I presume he's planning on getting himslef into politics? He certainly seems to be grooming himself for it.

    As for Kilroy Silk, I've always dismissed him as a bit of a waste of oxygen but I was quite impressed with his QT appearance last night, not because I agreed with everything he had to say but because he had the nerve to sit there on television and adress the issues and make the comments everyone else pretends don't exist.
    Disapointed that the only answer to some of his comments were the usual vague allegations of racism.
    It seems to me that politicians are still determined to ignore many of the issues the electorate are interested in.
    I did giggl a little at Kilroy Silk's comment that if Afghanistan was about preventing immigration then perhaps we ought to have a Battalion in Poland.....
  9. FFS it was the closest thing to a PPB for UKIP as I have seen ,the Tory was a stuttering floundering fool, what scares me is that he could be our next Foreign minister
  10. I noted Ian Blair's claim to have always been a passionate pro European. I had, theretofore, been casting around for a reason he was promoted so far beyond his level of competence.

    The Office of Constable is held dependent that the holder defends the ancient rights, freedoms and liberties of the Realm. Such as there being only one law, that of the Realm, and such as the administration of justice being by Crown Authority independent of and with primacy over govt ?

    When it suits Blair he will carp on about policing independence and the dangers of political interference (re Boris and the end of Blair's police career) whilst not mentioning that Boris and Co have to recommend to the Queen (Crown not political duty) who is appointed as Met Commissioner. For someone who took authority from one master (Crown) and served another (Home Office) and lied to us about DeMenezes Blair has some front.
  11. Kilroy Silk was very scary, not for what he said but for what he implied in his comments. Yes he did some half decent rabble raising, but I wonder how many of the audience will wonder why they applauded him when they watch themselves later.

    Hain was the same pompous waste of space he was hwen he tried to convert the young liberals into the young communists. The man has merely moved his politics around till the salary was right, he has little substance as he showed yet again.

    The tory was too polight for that arena so got lost in the noise ans I am not really sure why Blair was invited, did they get the name confused with some one who would like to be president of the EU.

    As for the audience, where did they get them, one even seemed to think the MPs deserved their pay and expenses.
  12. It was a very pisspoor QT.

    Kilroy Silk was under the impression that the dead were still flown back to Brize Norton and that their corteges paused at somewhere called Woolton Bassett. In short, the man's a c0ck.

    Scariest thing was the utterly useless Tory.

    I was hoping that somebody might pick up Hain on the expenses issue, but nobody bothered.

    I'm assuming that Blair was there to deal with any Brazilians in the audience.
  13. I didn't notice whether any one in the audience had a brazilian, should have paid more attention
  14. Hey, that hurts!