Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Maj_Boothroyd, Apr 30, 2004.

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  1. Hello brainiacs, the great uneducated here.

    I was wondering if anyone knows which Uni it was that used good old democracy to shut down the Lesbian and Gay Society, or is it just another apocryphal myth? Apparently all the members of the rugby club and their supporters joined the Lesbian and Gay Society at the start of term, then at the first meeting they proposed that the Society be wound up and closed. They took a vote and the motion was carried.

    Does this sound too good to be true?

    Comments please
  2. It sounds like an urban myth, but on the other hand (given the nature of rugby players at Uni :wink: ) sounds plausable.
    I have to say, I haven't heard that one before, but others may?
  3. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    I have heard this one several times, but like so many good stories every time it's told it changes. The first time I heard it it was Nottingham uni's rugby club and EMUOTC, then Sheffield, then Leeds, then the Vatican etc etc.
  4. Nottingham? Now why does that not surprise me? :)
  5. Back in my university days young 'uns the rugby and football clubs had a good working relationship with lesbigay, feminists and ice skating et al. The reason for this was simple at the start of each term all the possible slots for parties and events (by which the clubs raised their money) were allocated by the SU entertainment officer. Big clubs had the muscle to shift tickets and small clubs had an equal share in main hall and large venue slots that they couldnt efficiently market. Solution: spontaneous cooperation.

    Rugby nearly always paired with LesBiGay because once a term they held a "slave auction" where a selection of new guys and people who had pissed off the club captain were autioned to the highest bidder for 24 hours at 1200 hrs Fri. See bottom of post for further details). While footie and hockey would cooperate with other small clubs.

    Then they made the unions self financing so they ran the ticketing and marketing and made the money. Still we did have an influence on the political life of the union as well. Union officials werent above asking the clubs to be in attendance at meetings so that they were sure to be quorate. And one of my rugby colleagus flexed his political wings by having the then biko bar or mandela bar renamed as the jim bowen bar. At another university i understand they renamed a bar after rolf harris.

    Rule 1: No permanent harm to be caused ie untreatable infections, criminal records, maiming or other injury.

    Rule 2: The slaves must make an appearance at that evenings LesBiGay disco. Attire:Improvised (Jokeshop grass skirt and underpants first time I was auctioned.)

    Rule 3: The newly free slave/player must be present to play rugby 1200 hrs Sat in such a state that he might actually be able to contribute to winning the match.

    Rule 4: Purchaser must feed and water said slave. (this translates as chips, White lighting, Thunderbird, Buckfast and the cheapest beer in any bar we were in.
  6. Actually this may well have occurred but the actual lesbians bisexuals and gays could go straight to the unnion and register a new society. Sounds like it would have been a laugh though.