Killings in Aldershot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. How sad! Poor little girl, sounds as if she's been killed by one of the people she trusted most in her little life.
  2. It's like CSI Aldershot round here. For those that know Aldershot it's just opposite The Golden Lion pub by Manor Park.
  3. Well it wasnt me I have been away since last year, honest. Aldershot has always been rough, but in days gone by it was squaddie rough rather than whats happening these days.
  4. i saw it on the beeb
    apparently a firearm was recovered by the police at the property :(
  5. Im guessing this is no where near the married patches then?
  6. No mate, about a mile from the nearest pads.
  7. Just around the corner from my daughter and granddaughter. It says here that it was a man believed to be the little girl's father who shot them. Tragic!
  8. Firstly the attack on a plane heading for the US & now a tragic ending in Aldershot,

    looking forward to year ending tbh, even more nervous as to what 2010 has installed for us, not good!
  9. Will I know them? I live just across from the church at the top of the road.
  10. Unlikely you know them, but they may pass your home en route to school. They live off the opposite corner of the park.
  11. It's that 2nd bench from the birchtree.

    Sad story there mate. Especially with a child involved. With 2009 ending with this kind of news makes it a horrible year for a great lot of people.
  12. It is a terrible thing. I have no alibi as I was asleep alone....

    RIP that poor little girl.
  13. I'm amazed that this didn't happen down your rough end of town!
  14. Who knows. Considering around this area there are hundreds of ex squaddies you never can tell. Violence and Aldershot go hand in hand.

    Maybe it's continued presence is due to it being News?