Killings at Jewish school in France

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DavidBOC, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. I just read about it. Flipping sad.

    Soldiers. Jewish kids.....I am most likely completely wrong, but could there be a whole Muslim extremist angle to this? Some here might say, "duh," while others might say the jury is still out.

    Just a hunch.
  2. The BBC also tellng me that three French soldiers who "originated from North Africa" where shot in the same area last week,also by a "man on a black motorcycle"
  3. Which makes it look more likely that the killer's a right wing extremist IMO. France has even more of those than we do I think.
  4. Or just some nutter who has spent too much time in the banlieue playing "Deathwish Shooter Killer 3" ?
  5. Possible but it could be like the CIRA/RIRA/?IRA who have killed a couple of RC constables of the PSNI on some theory that the have "gone over to the enemy" or something like that. I would mention the religious orientation of the people I suspect but do not want to be on ROP's as "a racist".

    Nothing will instill fear in the general population more than than attacks on kids.
  6. When I travelled around Israel for a while school outings by law were required to have armed guards, some in plainclothes and some in uniform. I don't know if this was policy but I saw some groups with armed medics (red fleece, medical kit + sidearm).

    While I was studying at a university there and went out on tours with other students, we too had armed guards. Some of them were pretty obvious (uniform + sidearm or rifle). Others were in plainclothes. I spoke to one thinking he was a student too and he said "I am security" in English. They stand by the periphery, don't make great conversation, aren't interested in history or socialising :)

    The Israeli security model of vetted/profiled soldiers, police officers, security men and (usually off-duty) civilians with guns works. If anyone tries a Mumbai or Oslo-style shooting in Israel they would be shot down PDQ. Most countries have so disarmed their populace that terror or criminal attacks on civilians would be like shooting fish in a barrel.
  7. As I mentioned on the Thread about the killing of French soldiers: take your pick as to potential suspects. The mass murder in Norway last year provided graphic proof, if any more were needed, of just how dangerous a lone, Far Right fanatic could be. The fact that the victims were all black or Jewish certainly makes this a possibility.

    On the other hand, Islamic terrorists inspired if not directly connected to AQ and the Taliban would also consider the victims to be, "legitimate targets". The same methods were employed in Mumbai a few years ago. Hit soft targets and get out of the immediate area before the police can respond. Then hit another target somewhere else. This kind of terrorism is cheap and very effective; a suicide bomber, by definition, can only kill once. These type of attacks can go on for days, increasing the impact on the population. To say nothing of the publicity these attacks generate.

    Whoever is responsible, one can only hope the French find them quickly and deal with them - in a manner that ensures they never re-offend.
  8. On France24 Deadly shooting at Jewish school in Toulouse
    My bold, all that's mentioned by way of description of the killer is he had a facila scar or tattoo, I infer from that and the assumption of racist motive above he was a white guy. Obviously an antisemite, killing North African soldiers and then some kids and a Rabbi, a Franco-Israeli from Jerusalem, isn't a clear indication of confession in the South of France, old hatreds persist rather widely.
  9. Sorry Wolfie that is hardly likely to happen now is it,,,The Frogs couldn't even find a white Renault even when they knew the No Plates.......
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  10. The Beeb news said that the anti terrorist cops coming down from Paris so that probably means Accueil and the Ministry advising all mil personnel to do what we were doing for decades and to cover up on the outside
  11. Perhaps little Moishe and Chaim were flinging pebbles at an armed, grown man in body armour. Seems excuse enough in other parts of the world for a massacre of children...
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  12. Being of a certain age, I still feel uncomfortable cutting (well, doddering) about in uniform in public places and therefore attempt to avoid it whenever possible. I still shudder thinking back to the PIRA days.

    I attended a long, worthy but exceedingly dull security presentation not long ago. We were told an awful lot about how terrorists were poring over our online presence in order to target us. Uncharitably, it occurred to me then that they could save themselves a lot of late nights, ISP charges and electricity bills by hanging round outside the superstore in the nearest garrison town or naval port to wait for the next uniformed person to stroll out with the weekly shop. Sadly, other less well disposed people have now probably had the same thought.
  13. According to one news channel(I forget which one)the first victim was a soldier who had advertised his bike for sail online. The killer made an appointment to view the bike, walked up and shot him. Police are now trying to trace his IP address etc.

    And all soldiers in the city have been ordered to wear civilian clothes outside of barracks.

    Latest description of the killer is white, overweight and with a scar or tattoo on his face.
  14. I was discussing that with a few muckers the other day (Myself and one other are re-joiners) and the younger ones thought we were crackers, talking about wearing a fleece on top in the car, etc.
    I asked during a security briefing about this new-fangled walking around in uniform malarky, making the point that you stil make yourself a target for general nutters/pissed gangs of yoofs on the train, etc., even without the PIRA threat being what it was. I was told that although policy/doctrine/advice is that its to raise our profile, the hofficer I was talking to wouldn't be getting the train home in uniform anytime soon.
    I don't think I'll be doing it either. Plus the IRA splinter-types are still offing people, including TA, its just that we don't hear about it on the national news anymore (those two poor lads getting the pizzas in being a notable exception).