Killing someone without getting into trouble?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nefaria, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. I'm evaluating the reasons for and against assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia. (Tony nicklinson, Diane Pretty, Dignitas clinic) One of the main reasons commentators state is that it could be the beginning of a 'slippery slope' ya'll know what that is referring to I'm sure. So given the events of WW2/the boer war and pretty much man kinds history of in humane treatment of all living things it is evident that we're capable of some serious sinister sh*t. So I would be much obliged to know your thoughts on the 'slippery slope'
  2. If it was a slippery slope that we could help the likes of Piers Morgan and Tony Blair to slide down then I'm all for it.
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  3. Some people just wont die when you want them to, so they should be assisted in slipping off the plate.
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  4. Crio it's been done before, how is Darren?
  5. From a legal point of view - how would you legislate for it? And how would the Courts handle disputes?

    Would those doing the 'assisting' have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the individual in question was of sound mind and wanted suicide and hadn't changed their mind?

    Just like for the death penalty, I'm not in favour of this since 'certainty' is a very nebulous concept in law and I would be very reluctant to legalise executions or suicides were certainty not obtainable.
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  6. If it means that I can drive everyone who has ever phoned Claims Direct, their spouses and offspring into an industrial mincer at bayonet point it cannot be steep or slippery enough.

    Seriously. A pogrom would be a good thing. "Lowest" ten million over a period sufficient to prevent the price of organs crashing while they are converted into something useful to humanity.
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  7. The "slippery slope" is the use of slang and bad punctuation. This can lead to swearing and eventually child molestation.
  8. :???: Spill the beans Jarrod.
  9. It's Crio/Lucerzia Borgio that's it.
  10. well we put animals down and there's not much of a slippery slope there.
  11. Ah, right, deranged dribbling seems to be its speciality.
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  12. Yes but we don't stand to gain much by our dog or cat's demise ... an elderly annoying relative is a different matter ... afew of my family could do with an assist forthwith
  13. The government refuses to legislate for it (just now) but i am sure that there would be safeguards but not 100% reliable like many other aspects of the law. Physician assisted suicide is already happening between those who have close long-term relationships with their doctors. And it is a compassionate act to end suffering. Anyhoo some proposed safeguards :- must be terminally ill with six months or less to live & Be mentally competent &
    Make persistent, well-informed, voluntary requests &
    Be suffering unbearably. Obviously this would not cover tony nicklinsons predicament should he still be alive. Campaigners are clearly trying to legalise it one little step at a time.
  14. The law does not consider the life of an animal to be intrinsically valuable. The law believes human life is precious simply because of what it is - a human life. Must be preserved in its perpetuity etc