Killing Rage -Eamon Collins

Has anyone read - Killing Rage by Eamon Collins.
Its written by an IRA volunteer and is a detailed account of their killings in N.I.
I've only just started the book but not sure if i'll enjoy reading a republicans view.
Just wondered if anyone else had anything to say about it?


I read it when it first came out. It is a useful read, if only to find out what motivated the RA in its day, and why he became disillusioned with it.
After you have read that, purchase, nick or borrow Kevin Toolis's book 'Rebel Hearts'. It's a 'journey within the IRAs soul'. Kevin travels around Ireland interviewing IRA men and their families. An unbiased, honest and revealing view from the Republican side of the fence. Published in 1995 by Picador. ISBN 0330342436.
Gunny Highway said:
After you have read that, purchase, nick or borrow Kevin Toolis's book 'Rebel Hearts'. It's a 'journey within the IRAs soul'.
Have read it, fantastic, was a total eye opener. Along similar lines, totally unbiased, Bandit Country - Toby Harnden, mainly about South Amargh, a must have for anyone looking for insight into "the troubles".
Read Collins book, not a bad read. (Remember finding the turncoat face down with his lower jaw missing just outside Newry a few years back, didn't quite get away with it then :wink: )
Another good one, from a viewpoint that is nationalist, but critical of violent republicanism, is 'The Trouble With Guns' by Malachy O'Doherty. It would help if you know a little about republicanism, as Malachy goes on to demolish quite a few of their myths.

For fiction on Irish history of 1916-22, you can't do better than 'A Star Called Henry' by Roddy Doyle, he of 'The Commitments'. Again, a bit of background reading would help to put it all into context.
I have met and spoken with Malachi O'Doherty at length. A very intelligent, well informed man, although we did disagree on a number of major points, he could appreciate my postition, he is an interesting guy.
Barry's Flying Colum the military autobiography of Commandant Barry IRA during the post WW1 era. His section on ambush was incorparated into the Wermachts infantry training manuals.
Tom Barry was proved to have made most of that up, especially the bit about the Macroom ambush and the Wermacht training manual. He was in the British army before the IRA, and probably learnt about ambushes there. Try Peter Hart's 'The IRA and their enemies'. Good stuff.

One of the more intelligent rebel memoirs of the Irish War of Independence (or whatever you like to call it) is 'On another man's wound' by Ernie O' Malley. I have a copy in my collection, but I haven't read it all - only dipped into it.

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