Killing for Britain by John Black

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by KevinB, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. 'Killing for Britain'

    The Irish government is being urged to press Downing Street for answers following fresh claims of British Army collusion with loyalists during the 70s.

    A new book by a former UVF man alleges that a unit of the army - known as the Military Recognisance Force - trained members of the loyalist group.

    "Killing for Britain" - which is published under the pseudonym "John Black" - claims this unit also planned a series of attacks throughout the decade, including the Miami Showband Massacre in 1975.
  2. Oh, do fuck off, you IRA tin-rattling cunt.
  3. Well, some have called the author a Fenian,which he isn't, but I wouldn't go that far to call him a tin rattler.
  4. he's still talking shite! who gives a toss anyway?

    wrong time to be bringing up this excrement anway. do have a heart!
  5. I've corresponded with the man, so I do not know if he is talking shite or no. Being that I am a civilian, I wanted to get your views on it.
  6. The Irish Government have had several inquiries into collusion all of which collusion. It is in the interest of the IRA to show that it was the British government who controlled loyalist para militaries. Of course loyalists are just as capable of killing and maiming without any ones help. Sure there was some low level help between UDR and RUC passing info on to UVF/UDA, but no Government led assistance. If there was collusion why were the H Blocks stuffed full of loyalists? Why were loyalists like Brian Robinson killed by the Army?
  7. Sounds like that other classic "The Nemisis File" to me... :roll:

    Anyway, this is small-fry: I intend to publish my own book, revealing how the Freemasons/Knights Templar/Lizard People/Stonecutters are responsable for the assassinations of JFK, Elvis, Princess Diana and Obama(date to be confirmed), 9/11 and 7/7, labour's re-election and the fcuking credit crunch! :twisted:
  8. Sorry, you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a s**t...


  9. Would it be alright if we pressed the Irish government to investigate the collusion between its own security forces and the PIRA?
  10. I thought "The Nemesis File" was a good book. No idea if it's true though obviously?

  11. the bloody lizard people just will not give up will they im sure my other half is one too
  12. If your talking about the military, they dislike the RA more then you do...some in GS though who knows.
  13. You won't get a sensible answer to that until the affected relatives get one about Omagh. I think we'll be waiting a long time (just long enough for everyone to have lost most of their interest; the standard political tactic).
  14. Long ago proved to be total Walt-Porn. :roll:
  15. Unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.
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