Killing Blair morally justified says Galloway

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Who to hurl abuse at first?
    Galloway, Morgan or Blair...
  2. Na much as I detest Blur I would rather see the Tw@t Pubically Umiliated and Young Blur Restore family Oner by joining Up to Fight Papas War.
  3. Nice thought JW

    Similar dilemma listy, safe to say most of these people are feckers of the highest order
  4. Killing the whole lot of them, Galloway included on top, is morally justified. Cnutly w@nkers.
  5. Is Galloway a Knober or what?

    What he fails to realise is that the very same lunatics he supports would do away with his dirty infidel arse once he has served his purpose.
  6. WTF? I knew he was 'off' but is he insane? F-ing incredible.

    Did like this part though:

    Mr Galloway is in Cuba and could not be contacted last night.
  7. The best way of humilating Bliar is if he gets his collar felt for the "cash for peerages" scam. If convicted he would be unable to enter the US and cash in on the speaking circuit there. Still I suppose there's always cancer charities in Oz to fleece, like his missus
  8. Fcuking Galloway, the instant I saw that I knew that this cnut would be trying to get more publicity. The man should be spending time in the Tower, not dressing up as a cat or licking Saddams hoop.

  9. Dear friends!

    You are simply not skilled enough to read newspapers. Your obedient servant trained by reading of Pravda is able to explain you words sounded by mr.Galloway.

    First of all do you believe that mr.Galloway regard Iraqi war as moral one? Of course no. This war is highly amoral from his point of view. Now let's look closely at his words

    So imaginary assasination of dearest mr.Blair would be as amoral as the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Iraq.

    Suppose that mr.Putin would be killed (it is unlikely because he is heavily guarded). But can we compare it with Beslan. "Wholly different moral order" that would be the right words. Mr.Galloway simply stressed that an assacination of beloved mr.Blair would be highly amoral but it would be incompartible with 7/7 on csale of amorality.
  10. Anyone know if he has a new book out anytime soon?

    What the F*ck is he doing in Cuba? Should he not be in bethnal and Bow Green, or heaven forbid, the house of commons? :roll:
  11. He's visiting the workers paradise of Cuba because he is a good champagne socialist (Probaly got his oil for food money stashed there). I bet at this moment he is saluting Castro's indefatigability or something....Cnut!
  12. Number 10 made no comment....presumably because they're too busy falling about laughing.
  13. It's just George speaking his mind and making a sober point - and it appears not all of the interview has been read and digested by certain posters. What's all the pretend shock horror about? After all, he did qualify it later by saying he wasn't actually backing such an attack and would report it to the authorities (he didn't say when, so probably the day after).
  14. Saw a video on Newsnight yesterday where Galloway was saying that Castro is the only world leader not to have a cent to his name. Which is slightly different to what Forbes was saying. (7th richest world leader?)