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Killers to face death penalty????

TWO Iraqi gunmen accused of executing British soldiers are to stand trial in Baghdad — and may face the death penalty if convicted.
Faisal Al-Saadoon, 56, and Khalaf Mufdhi, 58, will be handed over to the Iraqi authorities after being held in British custody since the murders in 2003.

Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth, 36, and Sapper Luke Allsopp, 24, of 33 Engineer Regiment, were captured after their convoy was ambushed in Southern Iraq.

They were taken to an intelligence base where they were shot dead.

Both Iraqis were caught by the British.

They claimed their human rights would be breached if they were put on trial by the Iraqi authorities.

But the High Court in London yesterday ruled they can be handed over — despite a “real risk” they will end up being executed.

Court martial and, if guilty, firing squad.

Why didn't the British Army do this in the first instance instead of handing them on to the Iraqis?
Good. Much as I'm against the death penalty in general, I can't find it in me to say that we should do anything other than hand them over.

First, they're Iraqis, probably (given the High Court did not back the Human Rights argument) still in Iraq, so there would be jurisdictional issues keeping them? Keeping hold of them is probably a major political pain.

Secondly - and much more importantly, getting them finally sentenced will bring a measure more peace to the family and loved ones of Si Cullingworth and young Luke Allsopp.

Third, Iraq is now - just - a functional democracy. And technically an ally. We'd hand someone back to the Septics in similar circumstances, would we not? This is an opportunity for the Iraqi Justice system to do its' thing
Much as I would like to see them against a wall facing 12 good men and true( by the way the blank round in a firing squad is a myth) i personally think they should spend the rest of their lives tending pigs.

No insult is inteneded against Islam as a whole, but these two have lost the protection of their faith by murdering.
Thank goodness, I thouht the Killers were about to be punished for their last album, I thought it was good too. That'll teach me to read the thread.
chocolate_frog said:
What have the pigs done?
Nothing. a pig is quite happy to be tended by anyone as long as they are cared for. But for the muslims who killed those two soldiers, tending an unclean animal for the rest of their lives, is a far worse punishment than a simple execution.
gundog said:
( by the way the blank round in a firing squad is a myth)
I've got a copy of the Provost Manual dated 1965 that says your wrong about the blank round being a myth :lol:
Baldrick66 said:
gundog said:
( by the way the blank round in a firing squad is a myth)
I've got a copy of the Provost Manual dated 1965 that says your wrong about the blank round being a myth :lol:
Please forward it to me as i would be most interested in reading it. you see the reason why it is held s a myth is because any soldier who has fired live and blank rounds will know the difference in recoil.

Therefore because a trained soldier can tell the difference between the recoils, the idea of substituting a blank round to give them the comfort of not killing someone with a live round is a moot point.
Who knows how it will end... Can the insurgents come to the power in the near future? It is quite possible. In this case the pair would be declared 'heroes', 'defenders of Iraq from brutal invaders' and so on.

From my point of view it would be better to sentence them for a war crime for years in the jail where (taking into account that they are not youngsters at all) they would die as dogs... in the most human way of course.

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