Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by goatrutar, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. What's green with 4 legs and kills people when it falls out of a tree?

    A pool table.
  2. ... You find that in a cracker
  3. I bet its a right laugh a minute in your house hold!
  4. Why would it kill people just because it falls out of a tree?

    Is it some sort of mega pooltable that causes earthquakes, tsumanis and volcanic eruptions or does the speed of it falling cause vacuum injuries?

    Please explain how a falling pool table can kill. Enquiring (and fucking bored)minds want to know?
  5. Is that like, if a tree falls over in a forest and nobody is there does it make a sound.
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    ...and does it make a different sound if there's a pool table in it?
  7. Well monkeys have recreation time as well you know, all to do with their rights apparently.
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  8. A couple of questions (a) Who put it in the tree? and (b) How did it fall out? These need to be established before we can see whose really to blame and then whether or not the joke is funny or not.
  9. Monkeys are more obsessed with stolen tv's arn't they?
  10. Well of course, left handed monkeys have a real problem playing pool. The table falling out of the tree doesn't help either.
  11. But that is down to the H&S investigation and the lack of safe working practice when installing arboreal pool tables for monkeys.
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  12. Then surely this should be in the Health and Safety forum not Jokes. With an attitude like that towards health and safety this will get you into trouble young man ... more importantly, get someone killed.
  13. .
    Can we get this out in a DIN ... before someone gets killed.

  14. It's ok - as the competant authority for pool tables, HQ DRLC have sponsored a new course in pool table playing and maintenance (P&M) that will qualify all service personnel as competant and current to partake in such activities.

    This will run along the lines of a 2-week course contracted out to Burroughes & Watts, using snooker tables as the training medium.

    You will of course require conversion to pool tables at unit level, to be conducted by your unit Pool P&M instructors (course to follow).
  15. Surely you will need a new SOP before the DIN is released.