Killer vaginas


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all poisonous aren't they?
Unusual for a wife not to destroy her husband by bankruptcy.

Unless she confused Antimony with alimony.
Oops! Sister thread cock-up! Wouldn't be the first time I imagine.
I'm sorry, I'm so fucking sorry. I should have realised that it takes a bit of time for news (even this sort of news) to reach my neck of the woods.
No prob Anon, thought that may have been the case. Have had plenty of women try to off me with their meaty bits plenty of times though, mainly through suffocation! To look at some of them you wouldn't think they had the strength of a sumo wrestler in their thighs!
"the method will certainly go down in history."

''I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.''

The above extracts made me laugh, first one is an interesting double entendre, the second well it speaks for itself.


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It's not the vagina that's poisonous it's what it's attached to.

Mark The Convict

'It's also completely stupid, as vaginas are absorbent and the woman would have probably killed herself in the process'

Quoted for a bit of fucking perspective (see what I did there?)
I thought this thread was about some members of this site going on a shooting spree.

As the youth would say, my bad.

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