Killer spiders raid Indian village

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Raven2008, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. Invasion of killer giant biting spiders sparks panic in northeast Indian - Mirror Online

    Few things dont add up - such as a ts the Tabloids reporting, also if any of it's true then maybe the witch doctors / healers probably helped the two deceased victims to become their current state due to their razor edge treatment.

    In all seriousness this kind of reminds me of Arachnaphobia where by Julian Sands et al come across a new species thAt doesn't exactly taking things lying down.

    Though there were laughable viewers responses in another online tabloid (probably the Mail or the Sun) especially one whereby someone of moderate intelligence :) :( mentioned the conspiracy theory of an individual or two genetically modifying / creating new species
  2. What is it with the Indians? Last month it was killer bees, now its the bloody spiders. I blame the Chinese.
  3. You're Rayc's sockpuppet, aren't you? Confess, man.
  4. I may have had something to do with his sudden departure..............
  5. Without meaning to piss on your cornflakes, I'm sure the good general deserves full credit for that all on his own.

    I saw you as more in an 'enabler' role. :wink:
  6. It s not spiders invading the homes of humans it's very likely the other way round, urban sprawl encroaching on the habitat of a previously well hidden or little known sub speicies of arachnid.

    I seem to remember the exact word for it is "Ecotone".
  7. Appreciated. :)
  8. 'Tone' and 'lethal spiders' in one place? Have all three of my wishes come true?

  9. I am a former prime minster get me out of here?
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  10. Wandering spiders.

    If you start building in the place they live and hunt in or start gathering wood there then they are going to attack people, unlike most spiders that are ambush predators the wandering spider roams the floor of the rain forest looking for things to kill and eat, if it moves they will have a go at it. They also get into banana shipments and end up in supermarkets over here.
  11. More like, he is a former Prime Minister for ****'s sake keep him in there with the poisonous spiders.