Killer Robots

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by miles_gloriosus, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. Posted on Monday's BBC:

    I've searched the site but can't find anything. Apologies if elsewhere. A few issues as I see it:

    1. UAVs 'change the character of warfare because the operator is detached from end-effect'. By extension, would the author like to remove high-level bombing, artillery and firearms and return to swords?

    2. Are we really going down the autonomous route? Sounds all a bit SkyNet to me (see Mash's take below:)

    3. Do we really need them? If we need expendable, unthinking automatons to effect Defence Policy, then we already have the Rockapes.

    And begin....
  2. The article might also be subtitled "Academic begs for funding using dramatic language".

    We already have autonomous killer robots, although we usually call them cruise missiles. There will no doubt be a move towards greater autonomy in UAS but that will be carefully balanced against the circumstances. Everyone is happy with a cruise missile flying 1000 km to hit something; it's not much of a stretch to get one to dump a GPS guided bomb instead and come home. However, neither will be flying in the UK in normal airspace very soon.
  3. Over at AmConMag Bill Lind has a pop at UAVs in Droning On
    Robots “Driving around and waiting to get blown up.” has its merits. But its probably got more to do with sustaining procurement budgets when faced with long low intensity wars than winning them.
  4. There is a clear correlation between autonomous offensive robots such as the UAV concept presented and landmines; both may be considered indescriminate to a degree that may be intolerable.
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  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    This is the first post I've read of your's & to come off with an insensative comment like that,you're a c*nt! The Rocks have lost guys over there too.
  7. Spike,

    Clearly I've struck a nerve. I don't doubt the sacrifice all three services have made over time. My apologies if this is too close to home.

    That said, I wouldn't want to get into a 'who can out-grieve who' competition that ends with all inter-capbadge/inter-service banter morally verboten. I certainly recall less than savoury sobriquets for RGJ and Paras in NI.

    It was meant in jest and, looking over the site, there seems to be a rich vein of it (even in Current Affairs - cf RAF Regt to Expand thread). I hope it continues.

    Feel free to think I'm a 'c*nt', by the way. My wife does so you're in good company.