Killer nurse given 17 life terms


"...Initially, doctors could not explain the abnormally high level of respiratory arrests between December 2003 and February 2004.

Suspicion fell on Geen, a lieutenant in the Territorial Army, when it emerged that the incidents had taken place while he was on duty."

Ah, it all falls into place now - wtf this got to do with the case? Does the CPS have some system, whereby when a scroat is charged with a serious offence, they're then given the opportunity to join the TA, in order to further the "Gareth" factor?!
Well thats my cv fucked up then nurse and in the ta :oops: .Never do anything like that what sort of maniac wants to make work for themselves . Compared to Dr shipman his bodycount shows just what a 2nd rate profession nursing is . :lol:

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