Killer nurse found guilty what now?

BBC report here.

A 25 year old trainee nurse has been found guilty of 15 cases of GBH and 2 of Murder, by injecting patients in a casualty department with sedatives. The judge is awaiting evaluations on his mental state prior to sentancing. What should happen to him? He is in a trusted profession, a nurse is there to help (although I don't beleive they take the hypocratic oath do they?). Should this be taken in to account also?


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Damn right. Nurses are paid to be trusted by us, the public, when we are in dire need, and normally in dire pain. To abuse such a position of trust deserves the strongest possible sentance - and not just a couple of months in minimum security jail and a bl00dy curfew/electronic tag when they are released!
He was also a stab so throw the ****ing key away .Shipman gets a bodycount the usmc would be proud of .My so called professions loonies
cant even make double figures :oops: .He didnt even mean to kill them just make his job a bit more exciting for fcuk sake take him down the dems range and stand well back .
Choclate frog - Nurses don't take the hipocratic oath, but the professional body (NMC) keeps a tighter rein and is a lot more gung-ho about striking people off for relativly minor transgressions and mistakes than the GMC (doctors) has ever been. If he had been a doctor, the IA drill is to shred the notes and burn the x-rays!

(BTW, how come he made Lt even though he was a student nurse? It's gone to the dogs since my day, I don't know etc ...)
Even Gareth Keenan made Lt in the TA!!!!! :D
WTF is Gareth Keenan?
Is he anything to do with James Blunt?
A life sentence is mandatory for murder. I suspect the debate is around if he's mentally stable or not. If not he'll be sent to a secure psychiatric unit, if he's stable then its prison. Either way his nursing career is (rightly) over and I can't see him turning up at his TAC for drill night for quite a while. The body that regulates nurses (NMC) might not have any power over this case though given that he was a trainee and not registered with them yet.
I thought this chap had done telic or was it just rumour control when he was nicked bet he had an assualt vest and gucci boots etc.

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