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Killer must be allowed to live in an area with no Police?!

Pandering to a WPC killer: Knifeman with a hatred of police is 'safe to be freed'... but only to an area where there aren't too many officers on the beat | Mail Online

I've got three much better options on my books...

1. He is housed in the home of which ever person who 'signs off' on his freedom and apparent 'safe to be realeased' state.

2. He is kept in a secure facility for life.

3. Bolt gun, temple, problem over.

No danger to the public, but has a hatred of Police? Great. Until he offs an RSPCA Inspector, Traffic Warden or AA man...

Not a nice prediction I know, and I hope I am wrong...

But I reckon within 6 months the words 'lessons will be learnt', 'unforeseen' and 'unfortunate' will be in the papers connected to this...
An area where there aren't many police officers on the beat? Well that narrows it down to, say, 75 - 90% of the country.

If he's allowed to live anywhere in London, what's going to happen in a few months when it turns into a Plods convention during the Olympics?


Perhaps a small uninhabited island somewhere would be a good place for him to think about his crime, while he starves to death!
There's a nice little island of Malta,called Filfla.....................used to be a bombing range,could be again as well!

They could also pay for a one-way ticket to land of his father,there aren't a lot of policemen in the Sudan!

He gets 20 litres of water, a loaf of bread, a fishing line and 7 1/2 inch knife...

A web cam lets us know how he's getting on. And a few small pin prick hole in the raft keeps him busy. A book of pictures will keep his interests, about half way in will be a picture of a copper.

Interesting experiment, will he go howling mad when he sees the picture? Or carry on the bailing, pumping and fishing in order to survive?
What happens when he decides some poor sod is a plain clothes police man?

Better still, let the person who signs the papers releasing him let the guy stay in their house for the first two years.


Simply because, like us they know bloody well what the long term consequences are and they do not want to be known as the idiots that were responsible.
Simple solution then. Nutter loses it after release, does damage. Straight back in the bin with the half wit who authorised their release in the first place. Might liven up the attitudes of the experts if they have to share a cell with the filth they throw out onto the streets.

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