killer mongoose at large!

look out mongoose under foot on the forums! dont corner him just blat the lil fekker! :threaten: :threaten:
and he if you sing baa baaa black sheep in a welsh accent it ..he becomes all disorientated then you can wack him
thats the one Miss Posh
therehe is goin down poppys top!
PETE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why are you not working gen?
Come on 'Ostvic' old soldier, surely you mean: 'Bah bah differently coloured sheep' , I mean to say we don't want the Bliar Thought Police closing the site down do we?
"differently coloured" is now also a no-no, seeing as how it emphasises separateness and arguably institutionalises exclusion. The correct term, I believe, is "pigmentally enhanced sheep".
Im sure you saying "Baaa Baaa" is making fun of the speech of the sheep. That may hurt its feelings and making it depressed, therefore causing a loss in wool production in which it would have a right to claim for compensation over loss of earnings due to victimisation. :meditate:
Feck, did not know it was such a hot political potato! How can i re-word it to make it exceptable to your typical politically correct thought police person ( see lack of gender discrimination there!) :?:

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