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killer mongoose at large!

Come on 'Ostvic' old soldier, surely you mean: 'Bah bah differently coloured sheep' , I mean to say we don't want the Bliar Thought Police closing the site down do we?
"differently coloured" is now also a no-no, seeing as how it emphasises separateness and arguably institutionalises exclusion. The correct term, I believe, is "pigmentally enhanced sheep".
Im sure you saying "Baaa Baaa" is making fun of the speech of the sheep. That may hurt its feelings and making it depressed, therefore causing a loss in wool production in which it would have a right to claim for compensation over loss of earnings due to victimisation. :meditate:
Feck, did not know it was such a hot political potato! How can i re-word it to make it exceptable to your typical politically correct thought police person ( see lack of gender discrimination there!) :?:

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