Killer cant be deported because he might kill again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. I see. Another bollox judgement, another loophole created.

    "An Iraqi immigrant who stabbed two doctors to death has won the right to stay in Britain after a judge ruled that he would pose a danger to the public in his homeland.

    An immigration tribunal decided that Laith Alani, a paranoid schizophrenic, should not be deported to Iraq because it would breach his human rights and put people there at risk.

    Alani has spent the past 19 years in a secure hospital after he killed two NHS consultants in a frenzied attack because he believed he had received a "command from Allah".

    The Home Office wanted to deport him on his release to protect the British public, but he appealed to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT) where a panel led by Lance Waumsley, a senior immigration judge, ruled that he could remain in the UK.

    The widows of the two doctors, who were not informed of the killer's legal victory or the plans to release him back into society until they were contacted by The Sunday Telegraph, expressed their shock at the decision.

    One of the reasons given by the judges is that if Alani was sent back to Iraq he would be unlikely to receive medicine which keeps his paranoid schizophrenic under control.

    They said in their judgement: "If his present treatment ... were to be discontinued, as would most likely be the case if he were to be removed to Iraq, the potential consequences would be extremely serious for (Alani) himself, and potentially life-threatening for innocent third parties around him in the event of his likely, indeed almost inevitable, relapse into a state of paranoid schizophrenia."
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    '...after a judge ruled that he would pose a danger to the public in his homeland.'

    so he can pose a risk to people in this country instead?

    jesus wept.
  3. Am I being really dense here, but if he is likely to be a danger to the public in Iraq what is stopping him being a danger to the public here?

    Sorry mate I obviously type slower than you.
  4. Broken Britain..
  5. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Normally, I can't be arsed to jump on the bus but this really made my piss boil this morning.
  6. If he poses a danger....

    Hang the cnut.

    No more danger.

    Job jobbed.
  7. FFS LOONY Britain, PC gone totally mad
  8. Read this last night.
    Bit p*ssed he had to stay but can see the logic that without meds he maybe a danger to the public if deported to Iraq.
    At least in hospital/secure unit/prison here he would recieve meds and supervision.

    Then I read he could be released in a few years- INTO the UK.

    So it's ok to be a risk here but not in his "home" country?

    Forget the Human Rights toe in the door he wants to use

    Deport him
    No ifs, no buts. It's as simple as that
  9. So he's out and only safe as long as he keeps taking his medication. A previously murderous, paranoid schizophrenic who is sufficiently manipulative to litigate against the government of his adopted home.

    I see.

  10. The gist of it that I got is that in the UK he will be given medication that will keep him "sane". In Iraq that is unlikely to happen, so he can stay here.

    I don't like it but the judgement does have some rationality.
  11. I'm sorry but normally as a bleeding-heart liberal I can find a way of rationalising decisions.

    Not today. Today I'm forced to look at this decision, off the scale on the WTF-o-meter.
  12. I don't see why it should be assumed that he wont get the treatment he needs in Iraq and I don't see why it should be our problem if he doesn't. The likelihood is that once he is released, he wont get the treatment he needs in this country because there isn't enough supervision in the community. We have enough risks from within without adding to them. He has killed two very valuable members of our society, he doesn't deserve to remain here.
  13. If he needs meds and can't be trusted to take them, keep him inside, simples.
  14. I wonder if that judge would be happy for this guy to live next door to any of his own kids.
  15. Gas chamber for the schizo and his mate the judge.