Killer bands with Miliband!!!!!

I'm just flicking through the Sky music channels and i've come across this on VH1,"David Miliband,secretary of state for the environment talks flux through his personal commitment to the environment and shares his blogs music playlist"
What the f**k is this all about,the blokes the most annoying little gobshite in the Government and he's on VH1 prattling about the environment and his music taste!!!
He's defo Bliars clone in New Labour with a stunt like this.I can't believe the bulls**t he's coming out with!!
He's probably trying to 'energise interest amongst young people in the political process'. Or something like that (translation - hunting for votes amongst MTV viewers who may not watch Question Time, etc and thus have no idea who he is).
If he's so intelligent, what the heck is he doing in Labour?

What a gormless little twit.

An 'erudite' post I know, but cannot be ARRSEd to say any more about the irrelevant bumble-weed.
I thought for a moment it was 'bands' as in 'joins with'.

So David Miliband hasn't ever encountered a killer?


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