Killed reporter keen about Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. The former ITN chief executive also told the court ITN did notify the military about their news teams' travel plans.

    "Does the military have to stop engaging the enemy whilst a van load of media trundle across the battlefield!!"

    More here
  2. Oxford coroner Andrew Walker said: "It seems that there needs to be some way of informing unilateral teams about where troops are going to be."

    Firstly It's usually where the shooting is...

    Secondly OPsec... you think we've forgotten the World Service reporting the advance on Goose Green? Cnuts!

    Dead Journalist are merely natural selection in action anyway.
  3. I'm sorry to sound heartless but in my opinion it's his own fault, and the army should not be telling ITN where they are ITN should be telling the army where THEY are. Or even better stay out of the way behind friendly forces.
  4. You takes your money, you takes your chances.

    Have these people never heard of the Fog of War?

    Hundreds of dead soldiers, hardly a murmer... one dead hack and it's the end of the world as far as they're concerned.
  5. Fcuk them, they lose a clown who cant stay away from danger, then have the audacity to hint that somehow the British Military are helping cover it up. The sheer self serving belief that they are the most important entity in theatre and should be afforded every whim and want really fcuks me off.

    GWOT means thankfully that journos are seen as live targets for the good old peace loving humble terrorist, and long may it continue.
  6. Some quality points there lads and I'm in full agreement, what fcuk do they think war is - an episode of Jackass?
  7. Depends who's planning it - John Reid and Afghanistan :D ?
  8. Chaps - whilst I agree that the coroner showed a startling lack of common sense/ basic militaryawareness, and the suggestions of a cover-up seem pretty bizarre, there is no need whatsoever to bad-mouth someone (particularly someone from our own country) who has died. When similar disrespect is shown to dead soldiers we rightly protest; just because he was a journalist doesn't make him any less a living, breathing human being, with relatives who could easily be reading your comments. And when we are trying to get the media on our side in order to portray the message we want heard, this kind of posting can only set us back massively.
  9. Dilfor I was just pointing out that Terry Lloyd showed a lack of basic common sense by trying to get infront of the British Army during a war. It was obvious it was dangerous and that you may get hurt. I have been saying the same thing for three years so I'm sure have other people I'm sure you will here similar views at the inquest but will they be reported in the media I very much doubt it.
  10. Sorry the bloke got killed and all that, but when you play with fire, you sometimes get burned!

    Personally I counldn't give a flying fcuk if the jurno got shot up by Brits, Septics (lack of RHG/D in the area perhaps...) or ragheads - he was there for a story, he was there for an 'exclusive' and there for his own personal fame and fortune!
  11. Don't disagree with that - its the 'the only good journo is a dead journo' approach that I don't feel is appropriate.
  12. I'm with Dilfor. Lloyd knew the risks and was a seasoned reporter. To continually put yourself in danger (voluntarily) over a whole lifetime takes guts and those that do are not in the same league as the low-lifes sitting fat and flaccid in Fleet Street.
  13. RIP Terry Lloyd, but there is some important stuff here - Muzzleflash is right, I don't thnk there are many hacks around who understand what it is like to get caught in cross fire or ambushed (or accidentally bombed by the Septics).

    So they don't know what to expect when it does happen and have no drills or proper training to fall back on. The only option is to fill your trousers with shite and cry to mum.

    And there's another problem. In a vehicle patrol a hack is taking the place of a rifleman, presumably compromising patrol safety.

    On a foot patrol you're an extra man but with someone tasked to keep an eye on you specifically - again putting the patrol at risk.

    On one patrol to gather intelligence from a hidden source, the source refused to cooperate as soon as he saw my camera and tape recorder. Patrol was a total waste of time

    Finally there's the issue of fitness. I didn't know that foot patrols varied their speed. I was expecting a slow walk in the Afghan sun. I didn't expect to run and I certainly didn't expect the horrors of a bomb burst.

    The Royal Marines Commandos I was with were incredibly fit. I am about as fit as an elderly Duchess. The result? A well disciplined front section and a straggler at the back who had to be watched.

    BBC, ITN and freelance hacks are given basic "Hostile Environment" and BATFAT training. The courses last a week and concentrate on landmines, checkpoints, how to avoid abduction - all good stuff, but there ought to be more emphasis on how the British Army works and what a journalists duties are when they are out with a British unit.

    Er, that's it
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I remember Lloyd which probably indicates he was a good journo (or a bad one). Regardless I'm sorry for him and his family that he and the other two died, it is a dangerous job.

    IIRC they drove past a US recce unit waving, drove up about 200m, realised they were the now the point of the spear, turned around and drove back, Iraqi forces may have then opened up. The eagle eyed yank recce chap then opened up on the car with only the BG surviving.

    Hardly a good way to die and annoying as well given that it was US forces lack of professionalism (if I were killed by somebody doing their job badly I'd be a damned site more annoyed than if it was a bad guy getting lucky/trying to kill and succeding).

    I think slowly journo's are learning that you really need to treat cleatus from alabama with one o level (and his air guard brother who's had 30 minutes sleep that week) as a hazzard as great as landmines and a lot less like a friendly forces soldier with the ability to remember.

    One day soon a journo will notice that whenever US and UK forces meet in competitions that require more than firing on a range that the UK forces wipe the floor with them. Maybe then they'll realise the competetent soldiers they hung around with in NI or SW Bos are a very different quality to the yank numbsculs wearing 4inch thick glasses going 'woooharrr/semper fi' all the time..

    rant mode switched to OFF