Killed in Action, this day. Lest We Forget

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by PappaRat, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. Fell to the invading forces at or near Hastings Harold Godwinson King, the last of the Anglo Saxon Kings of England. Reigned 5 January – 14 October 1066
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  2. As one of Norman stock I'd say that was a pretty good shot!
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  3. Is this going to become one of those RIP Sire threads?
  4. Hope not, but he is one of least known good generals in our history, and worth re-evaluating. He was effectively king for quite a few years as Edward retreated into his religious quasi-monasticism and Harold took up the sword for the country.
    Flexible tactics against the Welsh, fought for William in Normandy whilst a 'guest' and received praise. The Hastings campaign was a well-deserved victory against the Norsemen, and on the day he came extremely close to beating the Frogs, had he done so english grammar would be a nightmare to learn.
    He stood for his country and attacked William quickly, partly aiming for surprise partly to protect his country from William's ravaging. That he failed takes nothing away from that.
    Worth some respect I think, especially compared to some of the dills and wasters whose bums have occupied the throne after him. (I'm a royalist BTW).
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  5. Are you shitting me? I know this is the "old & bald" forum, but I'm sure none of you ******* were around then.

    Except for Tropper......but he's currently doing a 12 stretch for kiddy fiddling, which is ironic, since he invented the justice system and Jails.
  6. Still nice to rub it in that the English had their arses handed to them on a plate by some Frenchies!
  7. Still nice to rub it in that most of the "English" soldiers where Welsh..
  8. I prefer to think of them as very Southern Norsemen, helps me sleep at night.
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  9. Not really French as they were Normans.
  10. 2nd place in the who gets to be king 1066 edition having just given the vikings a terrible arse kicking.
  11. I take it the customary obituary appeared in the Telegraph today? I always enjoy seeing that. I also enjoy the fact that most people forget that Bonfire Night is about burning Catholics, and a reminder that our loyalty is to London and not Rome.
  12. RIP. Bit dusty in here etc etc
  13. Not really English (in the modern sense) either were they?
  14. Nope & nor were the Bretons who were part of the Norman army & who panicked & fled French, as they trace much of their heritage to groups of Brythonic speakers who emigrated from Cornwall.
  15. Regretably, the French have never managed to invade and hold territory, without giving it back under duress. They certainly didn't invade Englandland, it was the descendants of the Norsemes what done it.

    The French are rather good at claiming stuff, better than the Brits, De gaulle is a good example. I would have mentioned Napoleon, but of course one of France's better leaders wasn't French. But he was good, we needed an Irishman to defeat him on land.