Killed airmen in coffin blunder

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Waylander, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. Quote

    The bodies of British airmen killed in Afghanistan were sent back to the UK in the wrong coffins, it has emerged.

    The Ministry of Defence revealed details of the mix-up which happened after a Nimrod aircraft crashed near Kandahar last September, killing fourteen troops.

    The men's bodies were returned home in a moving repatriation ceremony at RAF Kinloss in Scotland. But a national newspaper revealed that at least one victim's body parts had ended up in the coffin of another.

    Trish Knight, whose son Ben, 25, was among those killed, told the paper: "We don't know how many mistakes were made over this but body parts were found in a wrong coffin and there may well have been more parts mixed up.

    "We just thought 'how can we go ahead if we are not sure if it's Ben's body in there or maybe somebody else's?"' she added.

    An MoD spokesman insisted that the families concerned had been made aware of the blunder, which had been sorted out in time for the funerals.

    It is thought to have been caused by a technical fault.


    Bloody disgraceful
  2. You have to realise, unless all parts where DNA tested, then parts will get mixed up.

    We should do as the US does and DNA test all Military personnel and have a record for events like this
  3. I appreciate that people like to mourn and grieve for their own ones. However if F/Lt X and F/Lt Y died together in the same incident, then I cannot see how you can seperate them in death? There is a bond there and while it would be nice if the stupid MOD could get simple things like this right - it is also a pretty fundamental bond and quite difficult to divide between servicemen who live, fight and sadly die together. I appreciate the loss of this airman's family and I could not possibly overestimate the debt we as a nation owe him and his family but one dot or tittle of DNA in the wrong boxx makes no difference, "they sleep as sound".

    I hope when I read this sober in the morning I am as content with what I've written and not offended the wrong people...prayers with the Knight family.
  4. Very upsetting for the families and for the comrades who made an error of judgement. Im sure that everyone concerned was extremely upset except for these cnuts, the press.

    But a national newspaper revealed that at least one victim's body parts had ended up in the coffin of another.

    These are the only ones I cant stand who seem to love others grief.


    apologies if any families of the deceased or Repatriation party read my abuse and my symphathy to all concerned in the process.
  5. Fourteen bodies spread over a wide area having been burned beyond any recognition - possibly even DNA? I'm not at all surprised that it happened, I am just surprised that anyone would think it surprising.
  6. A difficult situation for all concerned. My personal feeling on this is that these men all died together, if they're buried with one another so be it.

    I'd share room in my coffin with my mucker.
  7. At War Graves in places like Arnhem, the perished aircrew were often laid to rest in multiple graves for the purely practical reason that corpses were impossible to identify after an aircrash.

    Maybe the families of the Nimrod crew could have been made aware of the grim truth before the coffins were flown home.

    Maybe the press could try to support both the servicemen on operations AND their families rather than running sensational stories that do nothing to support anyone.
  8. My view entirely.

    I am minded of some Great War soldiers found in a grave a couple of years ago. From a Pals battalion, they were linked arm in arm
  9. For once Sven, I am happy to say there is something upon which we agree.
  10. Noble words. Together they were comrades in arms, together may they rest in peace.
  11. I can see how it can happen. Best the Families dont know, so why did the newspapers have to cause more grief.