Kill Switch motorbike forum invite

I have set up a motorbike forum at - Index page
it's only been live for a week now but already approaching 100 members and generated over 2500 posts so it's been a great success so far and a very lively place.

It's a general bike forum so doesn't matter what you ride or how everyone is welcome, we have a few ex and current forces on the site but would love to see more on there so please come and have a look.

It's a very relaxed and friendly style forum with plenty of laughs and rides/meets being planned for next year including sending a good sized group to the wootton basset Afghan heroes ride which members on the site supported last year.

Anyway would love to see some of you guys on there so come and join

Carlos - Index page
Looks like a couple of you lot have joined up so thanks for your support and becoming a member, it is really appreciated at this early stage but numbers ate growing and the site is going from strength to strength. Our first competion with dealership sponsored prize has just started and we have already had other bike shops saying they will donate future prizes so these will become a regular feature.

Anyway thanks for those that have joined and anyone who want to join up you would be more than welcome, no matter what type of bike you ride or how you ride it.


Carlos - Index page
CARLOS you tube!!!!!!!!!!!
Bloody parade ground warrior you.....
Forums going well..loads of piss taking up for a beer or three....shandy in your case..:)

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