Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Dontcareanymore, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. Recommend this book highly.

    I knew the bloke so absolutely no walting whatsoever.

    Not a warry book, but a book about a great man who went through a torrid time as a brit in the Afghan Prison system.

    It is really well writtten, and the compassion of this guy shows through. The letters to his wife moved me (but im a sentemental sod!)

    I recommend anyone working for a PSC or thinking of that to read this book.
  2. Great, a monkey profiting from their crimes.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    An excellent book I concur, a unique perspective.
    Any bell-end that thinks the man committed a crime should read it before making an arse of themselves.

    Comes across as a top bloke, never met him personally as far as I can recall.
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  4. Really? So I or others are not allowed to have the opinion that he tried to conduct business in Afghanistan the way he perceived business to be done in Afghanistan and got his fingers burnt during his attempted bribery.

    Oh the ******* irony that he should be caught out and suffer as a result of his own naivety or arrogance - take your pick. I'm sure he went through the ranks and commissioned as an RMP due to his fair reasoning, giving benefit of the doubt and applying a modicum of common sense in all matters, no matter how minor, in contravention of military law.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I take it that is a half cocked acknowledgement that he did not in fact commit a crime....?
  6. Dingerr

    Wind your neck in a little. The book is about the humility of this guy when faced with what was not a bright future, i suspect you could learn something from him.

    The book covers the events of why he ended up in prison but does not set out to make a legal argument about whether or not he was innocent (which he clearly was as he was released by a judge once the full story became apparant) but more about the factors he faced in the 3 Kabul Prisons how he coped and in particular how he made friends in this hostile environment.

    That said thank you for contribution and hopefully it will cause enough discussion in keeping this thread alive.

    As for the book itself, a bloody good read regardless of your opinions of the RMP.
  7. I was looking forward to the bit where he let three young horny Talibs have a meaty sword fight in his mouth.
  8. Pardon? So your opinion is the only one that matters?

    As for not so bright futures I don't Bill Shaw could teach me anything on that score. Maybe you ought to do a little research and thinking before you throw such comments in.
  9. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    And you have met the man, Bill Shaw, Dingerr to form such an opinion?

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  10. I have to agree with this!

    From experience as a manager in Afghanistan, what happened to Bill could have happened to any of us.

    As I understand it he paid a "fine" to get some vehicles released from one Ministry, and another Ministry then nicked him for paying a bung.

    The levying of "fines" which are really bungs is par for the course in Afghan and one of the reasons why the place remains so stuffed.

    However, in order to get anything done there one has to go along with the b*llshit.
  11. Why would I have to meet him? I don't get your point.
  12. He was my DS on TACC - top bloke indeed.
  13. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Simple question, do you know or have ever come into contact with the man to state what you have? Were you there at the time? If so, tell me and the forum!

    Or, as I can see, or perceive from your comments, you thought ' an ex RMP (monkey as you would say) I can crayon all over this thread'

    If the former please advise? Or, contact Bill direct on FB and invite him for a drink and to share your doubts on his character.

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  14. What, that he paid a bribe, contrary to the laws of that country and was subsequently found guilty and punished by that country?

    It's all about perspective. Some people think he was hard done by, I'm of the opinion that while 'business' may be conducted in other countries with a liberal back hander and that back hander is considered illegal in that country, then you can hardly complain if the law is applied no matter how loosely or conveniently it's applied.

    I would have thought that someone of Shaws experience would know that and accept it, after all he has been the upholder of some of the most fickle laws and regulations going.

    Ultimately he's probably had a taste of his own medicine, but still come out on the plus side by selling a book out of it.

    You can't have closed shop Rod just because someone disagrees with you.
  15. My tuppence worth.....

    Rightly or wrongly imprisoned for his actions, at the time of his publicity campaign I had no sympathy for Bill Shaw. My view was that if ex-mil guys are 'profiteering' from current conflicts then they take the rough with the smooth.

    Having read his account of what happened and having spoken to a couple of guys who knew him, I would have to agree with 'Andy McNab's' quote used on the front cover.

    Before anyone picks up on my comments, just remember I may be wrong but that's my prerogative!
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