kill me now, i have seen it all.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rincewind, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. Walking through london recently i saw something that made me laugh..

    Imagine a teenager wearing white trainers, jeans, burberry cap and here it is....

    a buffallo green jacket, nothing underneath, unzipped to the belly, off his left shoulder, showing a huge tattoo of a para capbadge above his left tit 12" across.

    now, hats off to the lad for having done selection and wearing his badge with pride,

    the thing that struck me was, he looked 16, chav hat wearing, bum fluff on his chin and a chavette on his right arm.

    i cant imagine this youff as a paratrooper in the field army..

    Do the ACF have a para regt?

    also opsec would have said "dont go walking around major cities with military tattoos on display"?

    Also it was quite chilly...

    or am i being "old"?

  2. Hatted chav walt me thinks
  3. Theres me thinking I looked the dogs bollocks, I'll wear a t-shirt next time :lol:
  4. Are u sure he wasn't an American?
  5. I think they do!!!!!! I know you can me a Royal Marine......

    I know a girl with Certa Cito on her arrse!!!!!!!
  6. Are u sure he wasn't an American?
  7. That would be a Sea Cadet, MCD (Marine Cadet Detachment)

    Who incidently are rebadgeing to "Royal Marine Cadets"

    Definatley not a SPAM. was talking chav...said words like "incher" and "innit"

  8. There are ACF Dets with affiliations to 'the Reg' - I can think of around 10 or 12 in the Greater London and Home Counties area alone.

    In this image conscious age, I can't believe that any member of that fine Regiment would deploy into a civvy-rich environment in such a ghastly manner.
  9. Thats what i though Calypso.


    and hey ducati916, if it was you i would have made you come for a spin on the back of the trump then loads of ale.

  10. Are u sure he wasn't an American?
  11. Ohh I'm not sure about that :roll: I once saw a crow at Helles bks with a gold EAR RING, rage and disgust even if it was a saturday evening shocking
  12. Brandy, what is your obsession with septic, chav, walt, poorly dressed, illiterate, nova driving (probably) paratroopers?
  13. Should have challenged the cnut, if he was serving you would have sussed him PDQ.

    That said I was up in Scotland recently and was drinking in a pub with a load of booties and some of the kit they were wearing wasn't far off chav status........WTF is goinf on, DB's, Regt T-Shirt, jeans, green bomber jacket or jean jacket.........all you need.. :wink:
  14. Well said Eggbanjo, desert wellies and jeans/teeshirt are the definative off duty military uniform for British service persons...

    I still wear that now. its cheap, practical and comfortable and easy to identify oppos in a pub fight senario.

  15. I know a girl with Certa Cito on her arrse!!!!!!!
    What - on her arse?