Kill it, cook it, eat it.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RoyalEngineers, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. It's a programme about Animals.


    Did anyone watch/ has anyone watched it?

    It's on BBC 3 at 10pm.. I found it quite sick when they slit the calfes throat after shocking it on the head with massive prongs and it was still moving about while blood was pooring out of it :evil:
  2. Dry your eyes treacle.

    It's a fooking animal; who cares? If it upsets you don't watch!

    Looks tasty :lick:
  3. Mmmmm veal :hungry:
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I watched the first series and apart from the clinical approach I thought it reasonable, killing and not hanging was poor. Unaged meat isnt as good. i do prefer to rear and slaughter my own, a mate butchers and it tastes greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!
  5. On at 22.30. If the calves weren't killed for veal meat then the would just be shot about 4 weeks after birth because young male cows are useless to the farmer; they don't milk and cost to keep.

    Much better looked after for a few months the put on the market as veal or animal feed. Not so much of a waste.

    Edited to add; it taste fookin great too! :chef:
  6. Nah it didn't upset me it was just a bit like.. "eww"?.. Hah!

    Anyway.. yeah it should be entertaining to see little Bo Peeps Lamb's get the chop tonight
  7. I confess that I too am a fan of Veal, it's lovely with a peppercorn & corriander gravy. I don't watch that type of TV. I enjoy meat and yes a slaughterhouse is unpleasant but vital part of our food chain.

    The regulations set down by the MAFF clearly try to be humane to Bambi & Dolly & Clara the Charolais in their last minute.

    When you buy food in ASDA/Tesco/Sainsburys/Waitrose and it says produce of the EU then do you think that Borats sausage factory in Poland has the same standards. Bottom line is only buy British Meat & support our farmers. I always try to buy British Meat and use my local butcher as his food is sourced from local farmers.

    I refuse to buy anything that says produce of the EU.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Careful, stating UK produce is pretty much illegal the only alleged Guarantee was the red tractor symbol but there is no guarantee that it hasnt come in to be processed!
  9. Just as wel no-one rammed themselv's inside the still pissing with blood gash,otherwise it really would be tear's before bedtime.

    Personally I am far more concerned about the five minute's of 'little miss joycelyn' I had the misfortune of catching on BBC2 just now.Not since 'titty bangbang' have I seen a show so devoid of wit.Cheer's beeb,keep churning the dogshyte out at our expense.
  10. Its only just started and its already put a smile on my face.
  11. Feckin good tv :lol: about 50 years ago or less that was just normality but now most young people are a bunch of poofs. "ohhh thats so inhumane" whilst they chomp away on a fecking burger!

    Its grown for food to be killed so who cares although no doubt in the next few weeks we'll have calls to outlaw eating meat because its cruel on the cute little lambs, with our government they'd probably agree :roll:

  12. Like some bloke on the programme said, "if the lion is hungry, the youngest/smallest/weakest gets it."
    Do any fat, student, lesbo veggies want to watch them all again? Press here.
  13. Good Drills. Don't forget that New Zealand Lamb is very tasty and moist and warm and cuddly and cute and soft and pink.

    Some people eat it as well :)
  14. Gosh...I feel as if I'm in a room full of Them....or very very hard walts.....I cant really decide which..........
  15. I fail to see your logic here Strewth. Where has anyone claimed to be a Blade or has been Walting it up? :?

    All I see is people saying they are not to bothered how the animal is killed as long as it tastes good. So how the fook did you manage to join the dots from that to Them / Walts?
    Think you need the nurse to give you more tablets mate. Either that or it is an inferiority complex; ashamed of your unit are we? Or even a diversionary strategy; nothing better than crying Walt to stop people thinking you’re a Walt. Care to share? :D

    As for the hard, hard part to be honest the programme wasn’t that good, so it is probably just a semi for most. :wink: :D