Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by datumhead, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Anyone else watching this?

    Sat down to it last night and the mrs "went to bed" early...well as soon as the sheeps head was removed actually.

    This is going to do one of two things.........

    1. Educate the masses about where the meat that they eat comes from, and as such they will appreciate it, and the work that goes into it, a lot more.

    2. Scare and disgust people to give up the evil that is flesh and become lentil eating moss lovers........with flatulence!

    We produce the best fresh food in the world and it's about time people started to buy BRITISH!!!!!!!

    This post was brought to you by the British food company and the letters a,h & z..and by the number 2 :thumleft:
  2. Amen to all of that!

    People who buy meat at their supermarket or butchers, and then bleat about the iniquities of fieldsports such as shooting and hunting, are the ones who really get me. They shrink from killing anything themselves, so pay the slaughterman his blood-money as part of the premium they spend on meat.

    On a desert island devoid of shops, but hopping with rabbits, we all know how we'd live.

    Time the pampered meat-eaters of cities and suburbia found out what real life is really all about
  3. Amen to that!
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I do.I got Hugh F-Whittinstalls meat book a while back.I'll never buy my meat from Tesco's.Asda.ect again!Primacy Meat's in Bangor.Local & Traceable.
  5. Slightly off topic, but I seem to recall from survival lectures many moons ago that you can't actually live off rabbit as the meat is so lean that it takes more calories to digest than it actually gives you.

    Back on topic: Sounds like all the potential for a cracking show if done well.

  6. Bloodstains all along the road from Monaghan Meats? :D
  7. Not quite true although there is some basis in fact. I think this idea might have derived from instances where people have lived on a plentiful diet of rabbit and nothing else and died of scurvy or other vitamin deficiency.

    A quick search finds this although I'm not sure it is definitive. Practically any food type consumed to the exclusion of all others is likely to lead to malnutrition as far as I know.
  8. OT, I agree - but I think there is a problem with rabbits as a staple. But the way I got it was that long-term dependence on rabbit can cause anaemia because of the pale meat. I dunno . . .

    I'd rather have rabbit than hare as a staple anyhow. Can't eat that sooo-strong hare flesh more than once in a blue moon! (And every hare is a witch in daylight, as we all know, so it's probably bad for your soul, too.) But if any man here has constipation, let that sorry soul take a feed of jugged hare washed down with Guinness, and he will almost instantly be relieved. Spectacularly. 100% guaranteed.
  9. Spike, Northern Irish Beef/Lamb/Pork with the farm quality assured label is fully traceable through several "generations" of the particular breed. Only problem these days with red meat is that the demand has increased in recent years, leading to beef not being hung long enough. Hence the reason a lot of the stuff on sale is bright red, and not the most tender. Married to an unreconstructed culchie, and in typical farmers daughter fashion, shopping for meat or fresh produce these days conforms to the following - If not Northern Irish, then British. If not British then ROI. Not fail safe, but do what little you can eh?
    As for the rabbit thing - Eaten enough of the stuff over the years to appreciate it, if cooked properly! Uncle used to take me rabbit trapping when I were a lad, and explained to me how man canot live on bunny alone. He told me something along the lines of the human body uses various vitamins and minerals etc to digest any food you eat. Rabbit meat lacks such vitamins and minerals. If you live on rabbit alone, you end up using more than you're taking in, eventually leading to vitamin and mineral deficiency.
  10. I'm restricted to steam-driven TV only at present, so I'll miss this series on Three. I wonder if they will be tempted into a PC line? Or will they really get the gloves off and tell it like it is about where food (by which I mean protein) comes from?

    And I don't mean factory farms, although it would not surprise me if a lot of TC pinkos ran a series like this as an indirect way of attacking farming - if not actively promoting vegetarianism/veganism
  11. not really a problem, there are plenty of edible plants in the countryside, as well as berries, to make up for the deficiency (wild carrot, dandelion root/leaves, ramsons, mallow, nettle etc).

    Apart from getting rabbit for free (which is always a plus) we
    get our meat from a local farm in the hills, tasty and local.

    One thing though, some townies moved to the area and started breeding exotic rabbits, and had a sign outside their abode "Rabbits for Sale". They got upset when my son asked them how much they were, and whether they came pre skinned and jointed! :grin:

    (before anyone asks, yes, he can gut, skin and cook a rabbit)
  12. I think the starving on rabbit thing (which may be an urban myth) may be linked to a party of explorer types snowed in for the winter somewhere (Hudson's Bay?). Problem would be exacerbated by the lack of fat in a cold climate, lack of vitamins (scurvy) and so forth. However, tastes superb in a pie!

    And if there's one thing that gets me going, it's someone who'll munch away on their battery reared alleged chicken or a mechanically reclaimed meat slurry-burger but says I'm a nasty man for killing and grilling my own. Proper vegans no problems (if they do turn nasty they can't chase you for more than 20yards and none of them weighs more than 20 B&H anyway) but 'sanitised' meat eaters. Grrr.

    Drop 'em on the proverbial island somewhere with a bunch of cute fluffy ickle bunnies and wait for them to get hungry. Now that I'd watch.
  13. I knew a farmers daughter from N.I, beautiful redhair and cracking legs. Never did get the the role in the hay I was after. Though she did teach me a lot about dairy farming.

    Back on track, my old primary school had holding pens next to the playground. Lots of Moo's and Bah's before they where carted off to the slaughter house. Learned very quickly where meat, Mmmmmm, Tastey meat came from. Went back to Perth last weekend to discover they have built houses on the holding pens ........ hope flossy the sheep does not haunt them Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahah
  14. That was it. It was in Lofty Wiseman's survival book from the 1980s.
  15. If i had to kill anything and eat it i would end up a size zero